Wednesday, August 17
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If a tree falls in the gloom and there are pax members there to hear it…?


Umm, no. 8 versus 8 showed up anyways to do their best! That’s right, 16 pax to DaVille during the Home Run Derby south of the river. Color me impressed!

So, while Pick2, Marco Polo and I are sitting there at 5 until go-time wondering where everybody is….thinking this is about to be a very uninteresting game of frisbee….we hear a crack, followed by more cracking and we turn around to watch a tree in the front lawn come crashing down. No joke, that happened this morning. Right after that, Atlee high school filled up with cars, as everybody must have got stuck behind Phonics on the way to the AO (he drives slow).

At 0530, we did a slow mosey to the field and divvied up in to people that brought white shirts and those that didnt….then 2 people with both switched up. Between the multitude of horrible throws and even worse flat out drops…along with some rules violations (I blame Lab Rat for not teaching everybody the rules of the friggin game he told everybody they were going to play ahead of time), there were some really great plays made! Marco Polo had a layout grab for a point, and Spike plays defense like a boss. In the end, like always, it all comes down to the final point. Both teams gave up possesions, until finally team white got the game winner. Groans were heard on the mosey back to the flag, which means a little competition can make you push outside your comfort zone.

Welcome to Buzz Bait! A friend and fellow runner of Evil Twin’s. Glad to have you out! Now, get your dad to come next time.

Apology of the week goes out to Phonics for cutting off his annual special events breakdown this morning. Dogs and kids, homie….dogs and kids.


-Summertime tour continues. Plenty of time to jump in on the action! Signup here:

-Puppy pile after Dogpile final Saturday of the month. MARV has the Q.

-4th of July workout is at Tredegar parking lot, 0700. If you are in town, come on out!

-A bunch of stuff happening in September. See Phonics for the breakdown. He will gladly list all of them.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Want more Ultimate???

    -July 2 at No Toll (LR Q)
    -July 9 at Heartbreak (Loose Goose Q)
    -Also, most days there is a pickup game for the more serious player. If you want to get more in to the game, let me know. I am trying to play at least once a week outside F3.