Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How dedicated are you ?


Swirly’s board 6/25/19.

10 strong posted this morning for Spider Run and here is how it went down..

Oak route 4.5.6 milers .

The humidity was 100% out there this morning but that did not hold back the 10 that showed up to attack the day. Saabski and Kubota ran from their houses so they got some extra in – well done ! 7 – eleven set a personal best she ran farther today than she ever has 4 plus miles – awesome job!! 7 eleven gets credit for today’s BB title. She has been working extremely hard this summer to prepare herself for the next step (College Athletics) there really is no faster way to reach gold status in Swirly’s book than to give life everything you got. I am so very proud of 7 -elevens efforts and am confident that what ever lies ahead for her she will have the strength, fortitude, and desire to achieve her goals. My good buddy Circle K smiles alot – now you know why (it’s not only the coors lights ) 🙂

Super job by all who ran this morning – Tobit freaken killed it up Boatright catching up with Saabski and Faceplant – well done dude.. Lugnut crushed it and he didn’t get lost (Unbelievable ) ! Singer and TYA made it look easy out there and could have kept going… It was a pleasure to be out there with all of you.

Thanks to all for the anniversary wishes – i really appreciate that. I am truly blessed and have much to be thankful for !

What is it you want ? How dedicated are you to achieving it ?

See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Tobit was LIFO, caught up to me, I pointed ahead to Swirly and said “There’s your 5 mile guy”. Tobit took off like a cheetah and was like, no I’m catching up to the 6 milers who were well ahead. Well done to the 6 milers for tossing in the Hillcrest/Charmian loop at the turn-around! Damn! Way to work, 7-11! Well done! Happy 25th to Swirly and M! Thanks for the extra credit, Saab! Have a great day all!

  2. Took a wrong turn on campus this morning and ended up late for my first post ever at Spider Run. Great to run this morning with Saab and Faceplant…thanks for the push (especially on the Hillcrest loop which was an unexpected surprise). Enjoyed it!

    Happy anniversary Swirly!

  3. I was all ready to pull out the sandbags but had to guide Faceplant and Tobit instead. Thanks for pushing me fellas…you were tough to keep up with.

    Boy was it humid. I am still moist in places.

    Kudos to Swirly and Kristen on their 25th. Reminds us of how lucky we all are to be with our better halves.

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