Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Track Day


11 Runners/Ruckers including one summer tourist arrived at Atlee HS for a change of pace day.

Ruckers did their thing and YHC gave the option for the PAX to either run the 1.6 mile lap around the schools or get in some sprint work.

Doozy, Wheelie, and As You Wish did laps and the rest headed to the track

This is how it went down on the track

Deciding Ladder – Running at about 75% speed, the following was completed:

  • 1 – 800m
  • 2 – 400m’s
  • 4 – 200m’s
  • 6 – 100m’s

1 mile-ish mosey back to the parking lot

As training continues for the Colonial 70, YHC knew the back need a change of pace. Glide crushed the pace giving YHC a challenge every lap

Good to have Circle K and 7-11 back out again. Circle K noted he had planned to run the Michigan today which 7-11 responded Track Day was a better choice

Glad to have Doozy join us today. Thanks for making the trip up north




  1. Thanks for such a warm welcome and for showing me the ropes at Atlee. That’s a good sized AO.

    You guys are serious about your sprints, I was running all out on that last one.

    I hope to see at least some of you tomorrow on my side of the waterway for the home run derby. It’s a lot of windshield time but at that hour of the morning it goes fairly quick.