Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flashing Blue Lights for Early Risers


4 Early riser veterans and 1 newbie hit the trails at the reasonable hour of 0400. Conditions were perfect – 60 degrees and low humidity. Double Mint and Vinny took off for Breakfast Club at Tredegar while Offshore, Sally, and YHC did the Belle Isle loop and back on Buttermilk.

Belle Isle and Buttermilk were lit up with blue trail lights from the RIC-WMBUG race on Friday night making for a nice touch. No flashing blue lights of the other variety, trails were all ours.

Offshore is close to finishing his Summer Tour this week and maybe setting a record for posts in one month, respect! Double Mint was crushing the trails on his first early risers. Looks like EF Hutton has the July Early Risers Q.


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  1. Great run Honeydo – trails don’t look so steep when it’s pitch black! Thanks for the motivation Vinny

  2. Thanks Honeydo for the run. The blue light special was gone by Sunday morning, along with most of the arrows.

    Vinny is in 4 straight BBs because of his quad dip. Tclaps.