Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunrise and Rainbow


11 strong hit the streets of Carytown for the latest edition of Breakfast Club.

ET’s to Boulevard to a lap around Burpee Lake to Dogpile parking lot.

Usual route on the way back for breakfast.

We caught beautiful sunrise over the lake and then a rainbow positioned beside the Carillon on the way in.

Vinny and Double Mint met up with us after the Early Riser’s run hoping to complete a quad dip this morning. Well done!

Spit and Patty Mayo ran from Dogpile to ET’s and then met up with the main group for the flag run to Dogpile. Spit was hitting the road after Dogpile to go to No Excuses workout.

On the run back to ET’s, Hitchhiker was delighted to inform us that he received his green card on Friday! Well done! You earned it, brother! Way to go!

Splinter made his Breakfast Club debut. Glad you could join us!

Have a great day, all and SYITG!



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  1. It was a great morning for a pre/post run. Great fellowship along the way.

    Congrats Hitchhiker!!!

  2. Enjoyed the additional fellowship with you men this morning. Congratulations to Hitchiker in recent good news. I also hope your daughter starts feeling better soon.