Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“I am not an amateur” -Wheelie


A massive crowd of beach cruisers, dirt bikes, and steel framed roadies “older than me” descended upon Mary Munford this morning (38 in total). A couple ran, most rode. Directions were given to Wedding Singer, who was the most seasoned F3 vet at the time that there was in fact no runner Q and that they would be on their own for routes this morning. I laid out the route to the hoards of cyclists that we would be heading down to the Carillon in the safest way I could think of for a lap or two around the lake and return the same way. Of course, it wouldnt be an amateur day if we didnt get lost in Windsor farms…so we did that twice! All in all, it was huge fun (unless you were the Q, then it was a panic attack) and everybody presumably made it back to the starting point. No cars were left in the parking lot, anyways.

BB title comes from a conversation I had with Wheelie when he showed up to run with his 2.0 on amateur bike day, and that was his response. Touche’, my man.

A huge shout out to our two FNG’s, LoLo and C-Note….a father daughter duo friends of the Mudd family. I hope they had fun and will come back out soon….maybe we can convince C-Note to keep that hundo a month he pays to fuel the Seal Team Hummers, and buy us lunch with it instead! Here’s to hoping, anyways! Glad you came out, I hope to see you again soon.

I’ll go ahead and throw Wedding Singer the apology of the week for dumping the runner Q on him at 0527. I assume it went well.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Fantastic morning for a run ! Enjoyed the new route Vinny!
    Great to see all the folks out for the neighborhood bike ride !
    Duke – still cracking me up on that bike dude !
    Excellent job everyone !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Announcements:

    -No Toll is moved to ____________________________ for home run Derby this Tuesday! If you need the blank filled in, see somebody that lives SOJ.

    -DaVille may or may not be frisbee related. Hopefully numbers will be light because of home run derby.

    -MARV has a puppy pile planned June 29th.

    -Summertime tour, baby!

  3. Home run derby Tuesday at Robious Athletic Complex

    Robious Athletic Complex
    2801 Robious Crossing Dr
    Midlothian, VA 23113
    United States

  4. Great turnout and fun for the amateur bike ride. My daughters really enjoyed it. Thank you to C-Note and Lolo for joining us. Thank you as well to Profit for monitoring us during the ride.

    Remember Lab Rat, getting lost on a bike is never as bad as getting lost on a run.

    SOJ, how do you raid Wilson’s garage for bikes and forget Wilson? In saying that, Marmaduke, that was the best bike ever.

  5. With full apologies to the Serious F3 cyclists, I have to say that amateur RAMM gears takeover day is probably my favorite F3 tradition.( We can say that now right, since we did it last year too?)
    Labrat, thanks for organizing and for taking the panic attacks on so the rest of us could clown around for 45 minutes and catch up. Beautiful morning.

  6. Love that Wheelie posted for amateur RAMM day on amateur RAMM Gears day. Enjoyed the run Swirly and TYA.

  7. Awesome morning “cruising” through town! My legs are screaming right now! Thanks to Wilson for use of the bike, thanks to all the riders, LR, Flange, Rosie, Phonics, Flatline, BT and others I may have missed that came back to make sure Honeymoon and I didn’t get run over or lost on our cruisers! Much respect boys, have a great day!

  8. Big Tennessee on

    Wheelie also said as we embarked on our amateur adventure that amateurs “made him nervous.” Classic! Lots of fun at the 2nd Inagural takeover day, and yes it’s now a tradition. Thanks, Lab Rat. For the record, Duke and Honeymoon may have just finished their most difficult Summer Tour stop. Those rides needed sand and beer rather than hills and distance.