Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

5 is better than 3 at Twin Team


3 warriors ventured into the gloom at 0530 at Twin Team to navigate an absolutely gorgeous 70 and sunny morning in RVA.  At 0533 2 additional men followed suit to  join the triad and expand the PAX to 5 for an action packed hot potato Q at Twin Team.

Here is what YHC thinks went down:

Mouse Trap Q

Mosey around bus loop and back to parking lot to begin COP


  • Arm circles forward x 10
  • Don Quixote x 11
  • Russian Soldiers x 12

Pass Q to Loose Goose

Mosey to baseball field at Bettie Weaver

Four Corners

  • Corner 1 – 10 Merkins
  • Corner 2 – 15 WWIIs
  • Corner 3 – 20 Squats
  • Corner 4 – 25 Lil’ Baby Crunches
  • Repeato adding 5 additional reps per corner

Pass the Q to Oyster

Mosey to Left Field line of Baseball Field

Oyster Special

  • Sprint to end of the field
  • Mosey Back
  • Repeato x 3
  • Note: On 2nd mosey was reversed (marmaduke style)

Pass the Q to Tobit

Mosey to the Swamp and to the football field (w. sprinklers on)

Quarter Pounder Swamp Style

  • Crab Walk Forward 25 yards
  • Bear Walk Forward 25 yards
  • Broad Jump 25 yards
  • Crab Walk backward 25 yards
  • Repeato

Pass the Q to McRib

Mosey up to the Bettie Weaver playground

The 6 Pack

  • 5 pull ups followed by 1 Squat
  • 4 pull ups followed by 2 Squats
  • Etc

Plank and wait for the six

Mosey to the front bus loop

Curb Crawl

  • Grab a curb and perform 1 merkin then bear crawl across to opposite side and perform 2 merkins
  • Repeat up to 5 merkins and then back down to 1

Al Gore

Mosey back to the flag for Mary


  • LBCs x 20
  • APDs x 20
  • Burpee Shuffle
  • Merkin Ring of Fire
  • Supermans


  • Puppy pile Saturday June 29
  • No Excuses June 22
  • Something else really early on June 22

Numberama, NameOrama

YHC took us out


It was a great morning to be out in the gloom.  YHC got a little bit of a late start and arrived to the AO at the exact same time as Loose Goose.  Luckily for us the PAX was in the same parking lot getting started on a good hot potato Q. 

Mouse Trap kicked it off pretty well with some COP exercises.  YHC arrived right at the tail end of arm circles, just as the Pax was about to go into Don Quixote.  Apparently, Mouse Trap had the record player on the wrong setting as the initial cadence for DQ was at neck breaking speed.  Luckily an adjustment was made and a comfortable DQ rhythm was settled on. 

Loose Goose had only been on the premises approximately 120 seconds when the Q was handed over.  Upon leading the Pax into Four Corners LG was mentioning an epic 4 corners led by LugNut at No Toll, which coincidentally reminded YHC of a legendary 4 corners told that LugNut led at Source of Truth.  YHC hasn’t had the pleasure of partaking in a LugNut 4 corners, but legend holds that he has mastered the art of it.  YHC was also surprised at how dry the grass was on the fields of TT, which was evidence of the absolutely perfect weather this AM.  Certainly a nice transition from the muggy conditions recently. 

Next, the PAX was thankful to Oyster for pushing us to stretch our legs and try to improve on our speed work.  YHC has sprinted alongside Oyster a number of times and am always surprised by his quickness and sprinting ability.  He and Tobit were working hard to outpace each other on each interval.  Great job pushing each other fellas!

A Twin Team workout is always extra fun when you can take a tour of the Swamp (JRHS Football Stadium).  It’s especially a treat when the sprinklers are on and the field is nice and wet.  That made for some challenging crab walks and bear crawls, as much of the pax got sprawled as our hands and feet slipped across the field.  During said crab walk, YHC took a spill on the wet field and got to deal with wet butt for the rest of the morning. On that note….crab walks are a beast for YHC and that’s twice this week that Tobit has brought that pain to SOJ.  Kudos to Tobit for bringing that out again today at TT.

YHC has not Qd a workout in quite some time and it felt great to take that honor for part of this morning and finish us out with some good upper body focus with the 6 pack and curb crawls.  Those curb crawls were tough and YHC could barely hold up arms for the TD Al Gore.

Thank you to all the PAX that came and led a great Q this AM.  YHC is humbled to be a part of this great group of men and to be able to help lead from time to time.

Til Next Time!



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  1. Glad to see you back in the mix, McRib!

    Pro tip: Add the pax to the bb so they get that data point. Also, tag it with Twin Team.

  2. Thanks for the tip Lab Rat. Amateur move on my part…must be something in the air today ;).

  3. Thanks for posting the BB, McRib! Great Hot Potato, and my first Hone to take part in Q’ing!

    To update you on what you missed, we actually did Arm Circles Forward (small x10, big x10) and Reverso (small x10, big x10) – I can never get enough arm circles! Especially when expecting ridiculous numbers of Merikins in the HP.

    Thanks for your patience on the speedy DQ cadence. When I got home I looked up the video on how to count again – apparently I need some help.

    Helpful Links:

    F3 How To Count: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRTitxnE-mI

    Refresher on Proper Cadence Sequence, apparently it’s…

    “The next exercise is…” [pause] (name of other exercise)
    “Starting Position…” [pause] “Move!”
    “In Cadence…” [pause] “Exercise!” (begin count 1..2..3)

    A Guide to Your First Q: https://f3nation.com/a-guide-to-your-first-q/

    I did think it was a fitting punishment for being LIFO this morning for Loose Goose to take the Q shortly upon arrival. (I considered adding burpees for the 2 LIFOs before passing the Q – maybe I should have). What are friends for? On second thought, since I have to see LG every day at work, maybe I should have passed to McRib instead!

    Swamp crawl was sloshy and painful and the curb crawl was killer!

    I was thankful for the opportunity to test myself on some Pull-Ups in the 6-pack – we don’t do enough of them! I’m getting better at them! Maybe I’ll be more ready for the next Murph? (coming soon to TwinTeam?)

    Great to be out in the gloom with you all.

  4. Reminder:

    Home run derby Tuesday at Robious Athletic Complex (don’t go to NoToll)

    Robious Athletic Complex
    2801 Robious Crossing Dr
    Midlothian, VA 23113

  5. Mr. Holland fartsacked hard this morning, after signing up for the Q on a whim last night. As I wrote my name on the Q sheet, a guy and a trailer showed up and in moving furniture, I completely forgot that I’d done it!

    Sorry, dudes. I’ll be back over there soon now that summer is here…

  6. Bummer…YHC will not be able to defend his title.

    A new champion will be crowned?!

    Best of luck to all!


  7. thanks for filling in the blanks Mousetrap!

    Cadence is a tough thing to master and I’m no expert. It gets easier with practice though.

    On another note, I believe we may have a murph at twin team on Friday. I am going to try to make it and would love to see you there.