Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Half Mini Robbie Miller WOD


Or, HMRMWOD for short. The THANG:

Mosey to the back of the school for COP: SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, Don Quixotes, Carolina Dry Docks, WWII Situps IC.

Mosey to the back field for the HMRMWOD:

6 Squat and Presses,

6 Kettlebell Getups,

6 2-ct Mountain Climbers,

6 Burpees (with a jump over the KB),

6 4-man Partner Jerkins.

Run the field and back for one round. Repeat for 7 rounds.

30 Lunges towards the VSF, 20 Lawnmower Pulls, then one KB Squat per parking space along the back of the school.


NMS: The HMRMWOD is a variation of something we did at the end of the GrowRuck. Robbie Miller was a Green Beret killed in Afghanistan. For more info on the WOD: https://alldayruckoff.com/training/workouts/robbie-miller-wod-half-wod-memorial-workout/ In the absence of pull-up bars, we did Partner Jerkins (thanks to Rosie for pointing out a 4-man version at HDHH).

Not a lot of mumble chatter as the PAX were putting in solid work. WD brought out his tuba just like old times. It was great to be with Chum and BT again, less than 12 hours post HDHH.

Announcements: Amateur RAMM Gears, Early Risers, No Excuses, HR Derby, Puppy Pile, Convergence July 4th


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  1. Nice work Offshore. Compelling story. Nice improvisation. That full Robbie Miller must be something, particularly with a pack.