Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Carpenter Was Late


We started on time on a muggy 70 degree morning.  Warmed up with Arm Circles, LBC’s, Hand Release Merkins and Side Straddle Hops.  Headed over to the bus loop for some 4 corners.  Between the corners you had the choice of halo’s or moving the KB around your waist.  1st corner – 10 lawn mowers, 2nd corner – 10 sit up presses, 3rd corner – 10 goblet squats, 4th corner – 10 single arm kettle bell swings.  Plank up and wait for the six.  Next 20 of each, plank up and wait for the six followed by 30 of each.  Next – Partner up – 1 partner ran around the circle while the 2nd did the following:  25 boat canoe’s, 50 pull overs, 75 two arm swings and 100 halo’s or swing around the waist. Partners traded each lap. Indian walk/run – the Pax moved around the bus loop holding their KB’s over their heads. The one in the rear moved up to the front while doing halo’s. Some walked fast while some ran (Rounders). We were running out of time but started 11’s with Sit Up Presses and Clean & Presses. When we ran out of time we headed back to the flag. Numberama, Namerama, Anouncements – Saturday 7:30 at Milestone Clubhouse – new guy Saturday workout. Chewy took us out with a prayer.


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  1. Yard Sale, great Q.

    It was good to join the PAX at Manndate after a long hiatus. You forgot to mention the bonus HRMs while waiting for the 6 on the round of 30 on 4 corners. I was relieved that the mockingbird only cursed us out and didn’t resort to violence.


  2. The Carpenter on

    That mockingbird was angry and I think he was calling cadence on the HRMs… Strong Q, Yardsale. Thank you for calling me out on being late. I appreciated your Q because it gave me the opportunity to take out some frustration through the exercises. I almost blacked out at one point too after one of the runs around the bus loop. I think that means we had a successful morning!

  3. Great Q Yard Sale. Swirly would have been proud. I think you only called for a 10 count once!

    Thanks Mudface for the bump up in weight today. I have a 30 lb KB free now if someone needs it!