Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

NoToll, but NoPain is NoGain


Mid-seventies and muggy – perfect ingredients for another DTH sweatfest. No cards, no cabers, just pure ground & pound perfection. Fourteen veteran fartsack escapees woke up with a fever, and since DTH forgot his cowbell, the only prescription was more pain! 


Partner Up – Partner Carry (alternate as needed) to COP #1 in the Parking Lot:

  • SSH, Imp Walkers, Russian Soldiers, DQ’s, Ball Dippers, Cherry Pickers
  • x15 reps for each exercise, all IC

Mosey around Field 1 and end up at bleachers for COP #2:

  • Partner up for 11’s 
  • Counting up with Box Jumps
  • Counting down with Bropees
  • Wheelbarrow between sides (much modification was implemented here)
  • ABC’s for the SIX

Mosey to end of Field 1 for COP #3:

  • Quarter Pounder – Sprint out to complete exercises, then run backwards to beginning
  • 25 yard line – x25 Crowd Pleasers (Merkin + Groiner) 
  • 50 yard line – x50 Heels to Heaven
  • 75 yard line – x75 Crab Cakes
  • End Line – x100 LBC’s (rabbits help the SIX complete LBC’s)

Mosey Back to Flag for COT:

  • Counterama #14
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • You know it’s gonna be a good day when your first mosey is Partner Carries. Granted, there were a few heels dragging… “wait no warm up exercises first?!” YHC was impressed with the light mood and cheerful mumble chatter  despite the steady grind of mind over matter…but that’s F3 for you – we thrive under pressure.  Keep posting fellas, and keep EH’ing those Sad Clown neighbors and coworkers who you KNOW are wasting away without quality fitness/fellowship/faith. 

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Joined F3 at NoToll 9/25/18. Started The FORGE 4/4/19. Fealty to SOJ. Follower of Jesus Christ. Pediatrician. Missionary. Husband to the M since 2005. Papa to a couple awesome 2.0's "Oreo" & "Banjo".


  1. – HDHH tomorrow 6/19 – 6pm Pilani Drive
    – GUMBO’s HomeRun Derby 6/25 at Robius Elem (to replace NoToll)
    – WOJO’s sister Anne Katherine Patterson – prayers for wisdom and protection as family supports her rehab
    – MOUSETRAP – Cahill Family Grieving unexpected loss

  2. I definitely got my prescription for pain this morning from Dr. TryHard.

    I was a good beatdown. Enjoyed partnering with and getting to know Wojo on the 11’s.

  3. Great work fellas. I see some summer tour travelers in the PAX. Lookout – once you go NoToll (fields) you never go back.

  4. I’m almost afraid to ask, but what’s a “Quarter Pounder with Cheese”? Great Q, DTH — enjoyed working with my pards Wojo and BT

  5. It was nice to see a few Summer Tour Travelers. Great change of pace with 11’s DTH. Olli, great catching up and looking forward to being in the neighborhood. Mr. Roper, glad you are light.
    Way to push gentlemen.
    Check out this video with Gary Woodlawn and a young lady named, Amy. “Let’s Do This!”

  6. Love that video and that he has continued to keep in touch with her including immediately after winning the US Open. Good dude!

  7. Big Tennessee on

    Love coming back to No Toll.
    Don’t necessarily love carrying Posh as the first directive of the day. Great to work with Doublemint and catchup with Roper. Woodland is a stud, great story with him and Amy. He’d fit right in with this PAX. ?? Open win is not too bad for a basketball player!

  8. Great Q, DTH! Way to bring the pain. Thanks for not pointing me out as the guilty one whining about no warm up…have to own that one!

    As always, good to be on the plush turf of No Toll. Good conversation with Roper as well.

    Have a great day, gents!

  9. What a great beat down! Thanks for your leadership here. It was great hanging out with Flatline as well.