Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Experimental Q


A six PAX posted at Heartbreak Ridge for 70 and sunny summer fun:

Mosey to left field of the baseball field for COP: SSH, Hillbillies, Don Quixotes, Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Freddie Mercurys, Scorpion Kicks IC.

Mosey to right field for Sally, first introduced to the PAX by Rosie. During Moby’s song Flower, hold plank and go down to 6 inches on “bring Sally down” and back up on “bring Sally up”.

Mosey to the softball field for Frogger: Split into two teams. One team lines up on the first base path and the other on the third base path. One team crosses to the opposite base path with Broad Jumps (Frogger) while the other team crosses with a Bear Crawl (the logs?). If any PAX touches another, both do 5 burpees. Garbage Plate innovation: Each PAX must split the gap between two PAX on the other team as they cross. Repeat, returning back to the original base paths. Teams swap transportation methods and repeat.

Repeat with Lunges and Crab Walk. Repeat again with Polar Bear Crawl and Broad Jump Burpees. Honeydo and Flipper tagged YHC for 5 burpees on back-to-back rounds, giving a clear signal to the Q that this game was over.

Mosey to left field for Elevens with Reverse Crunches and WWII Situps.

Mosey back to right field of the baseball field for more Elevens with Partner Jerkins where each PAX holds an appendage while the fifth performs Jerkins. Partner Jerkins are another Garbage Plate innovation. The other exercise was Plerkins (plank derkins). Time ran out after just two sets. Mosey back to the VSF for COT.

NMS: Inspired by the summer of fun games hosted by the likes of ByProduct, DTH, LabRat, and Chum, YHC wanted to bring a new game. Thus, Frogger was introduced as a Demonstration Exercise. Credit goes to the M and other PAX with versions of Frogger for inspiration. The PAX agreed that it would be better with more PAX and therefore less room on the diamond. It is now up to the F3 IOC to determine if it gets elevated to an Official Exercise.

Handshake will be FIFO on Tuesdays so that the M can get in a run at 0600. He opened Heartbreak Ridge and was running around the track when YHC arrived. He humbly asks for full Big Data credit.

It was great to have Tobit up for his first Offshore Q. They are quite rare.

.Flipper advises to keep your elbows in on the Partner Jerkins.

Announcements: HDHH Wednesday, Early Risers and No Excuses Saturday, Convergence July 4th at Tredegar


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  1. “5 man partner jerkins”…man, you guys do things different in Tuckahoe.

    Love the Frogger game idea.

    F3 HR Derby next Tuesday at Huguenot Little League – don’t show up at NoToll!

  2. Good time Offshore! It’s really a shame we didn’t get to finish the 11s with the 5 man partner jerkins.

  3. Sorry I missed the 5 man partner jerkins. I hate leaving early, but I appreciate y’all understanding the situation with the M. Running on the track alone to make up the lost time is boring, I’d rather see participate in whatever nonsense y’all are doing.

  4. Garbage Plate on

    Great work Offshore. Sally down was a crusher, we’ll have to make her a regular!