Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First time rider


3 SOJ vets and a summer tourist hit the mean streets of northwestern Chesterfield County for a ride on the roller coaster. Around the school, down Robious, into River Downs, up Queens Grant hill and back toward Gumbo’s abode. Cut through into Cross Creek added for close to 3 miles out and reverso.

Phonics informed YHC that he would be visiting RiverRun today and since he had experienced Twin Team before we showed him what the roller coaster is all about. This is a one of a kind ride that hits some good hills on the out and the back. Orange Crush, Bullseye and I discussed the route and planned a flatter option if Phonics didn’t post. Little did they know that Phonics times his arrivals for anytime after 5:28. If you want real hill work, come to River Run, we’ve got you covered.

Great way to start the week. Thanks for the push Phonics, I’m blaming the humidity for not being able to keep up with you. Word is now that school is out there may be some impromptu coffeterias popping up SOJ.

  • HDHH Wednesday at Palani Drive – 6pm run, 6:45 pm HH
  • Possible HDHH next week at Independence – see Gumbo
  • Puppypile 6/29

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  1. Orange Crush on

    A good day to start back at it as my hiatus has been longer than I would have like. Great to be back running again.

  2. Thank goodness my summer tour of Bettie Weaver is over. The Murph had me sore for days and today’s route was brutal. Good pick Rosie. You SOJ guys can bring it. Thank you as well for not getting me lost. When it comes to hills, Spider Run and Hillcrest have nothing on River Run. Enjoyed the run today Rosie. Thanks for guiding and pushing me through the route. I am unlikely to make it back to Bettie Weaver this summer unless someone else is driving.