Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What do you want to do for Father’s Day, honey? Run Trails, of course!


Eleven strong posted for the latest edition of Sunday Funday, Father’s Day style!

Nickel Bridge to Buttermilk to T-Pott to North Bank to Pumphouse Parking Lot.

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out!


Roller Coaster/HDHH this Wednesday the 19th at Palani Drive rear parking lot. 6pm launch for run. 6:45pm for refreshments.

Independence Day Convergence. July 4th at Tredegar. 7am.

Summer Tour

Shakedown shaving head. Needs $74.00


YHC’s M asked him a couple weeks ago what he wanted to do for Father’s Day. Answer was Q the Sunday Trail Run for starters. YHC really never was in the lead for the run. We left that to Crickey and others. Beautiful morning on the trails. There was a Hardywood sighting on the Buttermilk(non-F3 sanctioned) and Faceplant ran the opposite direction due to being LIFO and taking a guess which way we went. YHC had no idea Flipper was with us until at the end at the parking lot he appeared out of the woods at the end of the trail. He was a couple minutes LIFO and kept us in sight for the most part. Dude is piling on the miles right now. Great job, Flipper!

Thanks to all who doubled back or waited at times for YHC to catch up. Enjoyed this morning very much and also enjoyed the new part of the North Bank Trail that was just finished, though it does cut some distance off from the old route. Also, ET’s was fun but brief for YHC. Had to roll and spend the rest of the day with my other family:)

Have a great Father’s Day all and see you in the gloom!



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  1. Great Sunday, so far. Good to catch up with Pert Plus and Flatline on the run.

    Also good to see Hardywood, Mulder, and whatever the heck “Scott Wayne’s F3 Name is” (I can never remember)…hope you all enjoyed your Down Range workout on Father’s Day.

    Special thanks to Saab for passing me on the run despite being under Doctor’s orders to stay off the trails. That helps with my self esteem, for sure.

  2. It was great to join you fellas on the trails for a period and avoid the lonely run by the cemeteries.

    Considerate-Upchuck was just staying with the six…otherwise I know you would have come along. (Was on a mission to get to a water fountain…it was getting hot brother….)

    Afterwards, my father’s day outing was a hike around (wait for it…) North and South Bank….phew

  3. The Ghost of the Pax infront of me kept me going!! It was a Father’s Day triumph for sure… Thanks for the shout out..