Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

On the Go at Duck Duck Goose


On the Go at Duck Duck Goose

So, there I was, at 8pm on Monday looking at the Q Schedule. I noticed there was no Q for Tuesday morning, and I knew I was being called to make up a Q on the Go the next morning. So that is just what the Pax got. An unplanned beatdown!



Arm Circles

Cherry Pickers (done exactly like Through the Tunnel, just with none of that happy clapping stuff. We beat on our stomachs, like Men, to get ready for the Plank Challenge!)

Quad P, Plank Challenge. Pax ran to pond and back for 25 LBCs until all Pax recovered.

The Thang

Indian run around the pond to the picnic tables

Dips and Leg Lifts (A.K.A. Leg Raises) for 11’s

Ran to FoodLion to pick up a few things

Decided to do some Ladders. Bearcrawl out, 5 CDDs and run back for 4 CDDs and so on

Another set of Ladders, run out and 10 Burpees, back for 9 and so on.

Grocery shopping was complete, so we headed back to the flags.

Finished with a Plank.

We prayed over Snowman and he and his family are hitting the dusty trail to the coast of N.C. this weekend. Snowman was a welcome addition to F3 Hampton Roads he will be missed. Hopefully he will be downrange back here soon!


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