Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

June 12th Pain


The PAX stormed the parking lot with their kettle bells and engaged in a fight that went something like this…

Mosey to the back of the school building and then out to the middle of the track.

COP All IC – 25 SSHs, arm circles, don quixotes, 10 copperhead squats, 10 carolina drydocks, 10 tempo LBCs

Mosey to the steps behind the school building.

Run and Lift

Partner up. One partner runs to and around the track while the other exercises. Go through the run/lift cycle 2x.

Exercise #1 – Walk up the steps, lift the kettle bell, walk backwards down the steps and lift the kettle bell

Exercise #2 – Sit-up presses

Exercise #3 – Snatch

Mosey over to the picnic tables

Bear and Lift

Same partners. One partner bear crawls to/from the fence while the other exercises. Go through the bear/lift cycle 1x

Exercise #1 – Step up and lift

Exercise #2 – Lawn mowers

Mosey to the flag

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, Emoji took us out


  • No Excuses Workout – Saturday, 6/22 at 7:30 am at the Milestone community (in Mechanicsville) clubhouse parking lot. The goal is for every member of the PAX to EH at least one guy – invite them and show up with them (drive them to the workout if necessary).
  • Summer tour continues


YHC seeks to take the Q on June 12th every year in memory of some high school drama many years ago. It was on June 12th that a prom went sour quickly as a girl rejected YHC and lit a fire of bitterness in his stomach. YHC’s goal is to bring a sample of that June 12th PAIN to the PAX every year on this fateful day. YHC tried to accomplish that goal again today…

YHC rolled into the parking lot a little early to scout out the possible use of the stairs behind the school building and found Spit already there. YHC decided to strike up a conversation with Spit instead of scouting out the scene and went with his memory from the prior week when Yardsale took the PAX on a running tour around the school.

It looked like it may be a Colonial 70 team (plus Emoji) workout but we were glad to welcome No Idea to the COP. YHC almost face-planted on the way to the track, however, due to a patch of puddles hidden in the grass. Emoji brought his usual exuberance about Don Quixotes and everything else. YHC cannot recall what he said this morning about Don Quixote but he had some commentary on the life and legend.

YHC chose to mix it up a bit and include some more running/sprinting in the workout this morning as a way to trick some MANNDate muscles that may be used to staying in the parking lot. The PAX pushed through the exercises. The step up to the picnic table benches brought out Lion King references and even some singing from Spit. Very impressive. Pavarotti better watch out for the singing competition! (F3 karaoke competition?).

Every F3 morning provides a new adventure and this morning did not disappoint!

The Carpenter


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  1. Great workout with sufficient pain The Carpenter! (Like a high school prom date rejection) Thank you sir! May I have another!

  2. Great Q Carpenter! You got our bodies confused with both an arm and leg heavy workout.


  3. The Carpenter on

    Thanks for the opportunity to lead that craziness. I am glad that nobody wiped out in the water spot on the way to track!

  4. An F3 Karaoke competition would be worth the price of admission! All the usual suspects of those named after singing references, McRib has pipes and plays a mean guitar. Fudd does stuff. Swirly will surprise you…he can sing! There’s a couple others that have played in bands that I am forgetting as well…

    I personally try to overcome my bad singing with exuberance and volume, usually to laughable effect.