Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Summer evening


Can’t think of a better way to spend a summer evening than to spend it @ the Punisher – well done pax ! 14 strong tonight !

Here is how it went down this evening : COP – SSH’s, Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, merkins, LBC’s – mossy …..

Four corners – around the school – 1st corner 25 hand release merkins – 2nd corner – 50 SSH’s, 3rd corner 75 squats – 4th corner – 50 LBC’s 50 burpees !

Playground : Chaz Michael Michael’s 3 sets of 7 with partner – 3 sets of 20 Wilsons boxing cockroach with partner.

Benches : 3 sets – 20 dips, 25 incline merkins 30 step ups

Field : 20 donkey kicks – bear crawl to tree 20 WWII’s run back – next round balls to the wall – into chicken peckers 20.

Ring of Fire – merkins of your choice 10.

Excellent turnout tonight even in the rain! Thanks for allowing me to Lead!

Great to see some new faces – and great to be back at punisher.

Props to 7-eleven – she worked out 3 times today =Boom ! And props to Husky for coming after swim practice – yeah dude way to go – thanks to pops for bringing you – way to be Kubota !

Well done guys who double dipped today as well – strong work dudes !

Honeydo took us out – thank you and very well said my friend!

F3 retreat coming in September !

Sign up for Breaking bread !

See Y’all in the gloom….


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Enjoyed it – love seeing big #’s @ Punisher – Let’s keep it up !

  2. C’mon if I didn’t call for the Burpees on the 4th corner then someone else would have. No chance I make it to watch any of the NBA finals game tonight after that beatdown.
    Btw do NOT partner with Kru on Boxing Roaches, he’ll try to break your hand!
    Respect to Double Mint for a Double Dip after your 1st post on Saturday.

  3. …was looking for more! Ha! Don’t worry, he will sleep good tonight. Great to meet Double Mint and to see Kru again. Well done all and way to lead Swirly!

  4. That lived up to the name. Thanks for HD and Vinny for goading the Q into 50 burpees. But, it was the Chicken Peckers that hit the spot. Well done, Swirly.

    Good to partner with Circle K…hope your mellon feels better.

  5. If working out in a sauna is your thing, then this was the perfect work out for you. Non-stop action from start to finish. It was great seeing record numbers at Punisher in the modern era – as Chum put it. Great Q, Swirly!