Tuesday, November 29
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Caution: You Will Get Wet on This Ride


33 swimmers jumped into the deep end for today’s version of The Dogpile. According to the bacteria swimming in the parking lot puddles, this is what happened:

Rolling COP:

Quick quiz and not-so-slaughter starter: 5 WWIIs. Answer: Today was YHC’s 3rd Anniversary.

Modified group run through the puddles, before circling up for…SSHs, IWs, arm circles, Hillbillies, LBCs, flutter kicks, HRMs.

First Triple Check:

One person bear crawls through the puddle and runs back. One person does squats and last person does Hello Dollies.

Quiz #2 and 5 burpees. Bleeder was YHC’s first Q. W-Dog, June 8, 2016.

Mosey to the Great Lawn for…wait for it…Another Triple Check.

Person one polar bears the width of the Great Lawn. Person 2 does Rosalitas. Person 3 runs half of the length of the field, reverses direction, and runs Frogger Style through the PAX to the flower pots.

WWIIs for the Six.

Quiz: Hardywood came up with YHC’s name. 5 more WWIIs.

Mosey to the Back Lawn for Touch-a-Tree (surprisingly, another Triple Check).

Person one runs and touches 10 unique trees. Person 2 does Lt. Dans. Person 3 does flutter kicks. Repeato so that each person has the opportunity to touch 10 trees. Repeato again for 8 trees. HRMs for the Six.

Mosey to the Amphitheater, with a quick loop to the far steps and back down.

Quiz: HoneyDo introduced YHC to F3. 5 WWIIs.

Quiz: YHCs favorite guest Q’s are F3 RVAs resident gymnasts, two of whom joined the PAX today…and led the PAX (literally and figuratively) in…Self Destruction. 1 SSH, 1 mercan, and one v-up on the first step. 2 of each on the second step…all the way to 18 at the top.

Plank for the Six. BTTF.

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, quick group picture, and YHC took us out.


BRR, HDHH, July 4th Convergence…all the oldies, but goodies (when does ReeseStrong 5k come around again?)


Today was YHC’s 3rd Anniversary (Triple Check Central), which means it’s been 3 years since YHC humored HoneyDo by agreeing to show up one time. Thank you, HoneyDo. YHC also thanks the PAX for being a strong, positive, motivating influence in YHC’s life. YHC thought life was good prior to F3, and life it just better with F3. YHC’s M, kids, and colleagues all thank you, even if many of them do not know it.

Also, YHC postulates that he leads the PAX in the category “Percentage of Dogpile Q’s Done in the Rain/Mud.” YHC likes this. YHC thanks the PAX for playing along. And, welcome Danny DeVito. Great to day be an FNG.

Lastly, YHC apologizes to Lab Rat for forgetting to bring a recording device today for the COT. YHC thanks LR for jumping in and scribing all the names. Much appreciated.


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  1. Thanks for letting me lead in the rain, fellas. Thanks also to the Guest Q’s…job well done.

  2. Awesome work men. Great job and congrats on the anniversary Upchuck!

    As a side note- we have another DaVito in our PAX. He is an occasional SOJ guys. Hasn’t been out in a while.

  3. I have a proposed option…Braxton is a civil lawyer who also does white collar criminal defense. He does intellectual property theft work, and he has twins: Carbon Copy.

    Send along any other options. I’ll make a call within short order…to be announced here.

  4. Upchuck, great job today and congratulations on three years. I can’t wait for my own trivia day. Let’s see if people remember that you named me and were the Q my first day.

  5. Upchuck welcome to Three Year Club and congrats! Nothing better than enjoying it in the rain.

    Great partnering with Nancy Lopez, Helix, Goldburg, and Garbage Plate!

    ET great as always. Enjoy the weekend fellas!

  6. Sorry I missed it Upchuck. Looks like fun.

    Congrats on 3 years. I remember meeting you on my first post.

    Who’s gonna be on Boston this week?

  7. Heck of a Q buddy. We are all better off for having you share your time and talents. In addition to rainy day Qs, you are also the tally leader for preemptive hellos to unsuspecting citizens on f3 runs. Heres to many more hellos and stories that start with “you know one time at HBS….”

  8. There’s only one UpChuck, and I’m better for knowing him. So are the many “friends” he approaches Jim Nantz style whenever they cross our path. Well done yesterday UpChuck, and throughout your F3 days. We are all better for having you around. My shoulders are a bit sore however, from the “get this” taps that begin every UpChuck story.

    Welcome Double Mint!