Tuesday, November 29
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

10 More on the EZ Dock


Six SOJ stalwarts welcomed the sun’s arrival on a humid June morning with a DK beatdown that went something like this.


Mosey around BWES entrance loop twice, waiting on stragglers. Quick COP: SSHs & DQs.

Mosey out of school. PAX given option of turning Left or Right. Left it is. Mosey to JRHS tennis courts for another quick COP: Copperhead squats, Merkins, Flutterkicks

Line up on side line of one of the tennis courts for BearCrawlBear: bear crawl across width of tennis court and crawl bear back. Rinse & Repeat.

Mosey down to Robious Park Landing to check out the new EZ Dock along the James River. Face the River in a line, welcome the sunrise, watch out for the crew teams, and get ready for some ground & pound.

EZ Dock Work: walk out merkins x2, forward lunges, lt. dans, lbcs, hello dollies, slow rosalitas, monkey humpers, plank-o-rama x2, russian soldiers (probably others). Any exercise called OYO lasted about a minute until YHC called for 10 more.

Time called, mosey about a mile back to VSF.

COT – YHC took us out with a moment of silence in remembrance of all the lives sacrificed and families forever changed 75 years ago yesterday that allow us to live our lives today.

Naked Moleskin:

YHC had no plan upon arrival. A visit to the River was just what YHC needed.

Next time, we’re going swimming. Get ready for it. We were soaked as it was anyway.

Doozy was saying something about his hip hurting, then proceeded to lead the PAX on all moseys. TClaps to Rosie for some early morning extra credit.

Cheers to St. Michael’s Episcopal School’s PE Teacher, Mrs. Martin, for taking out a skull on her own at 5:50am.

I appreciate the moment of silence in honor of the 75th anniversary of DDay. My Great Uncle was killed storming Omaha Beach and is buried there. He was 24 and left behind a fiance and a full life ahead of him. I cannot imagine losing a sibling, like my grandfather did. This is a picture of Ben with my Aunt when she was a little girl. My dad thinks this picture was taken when Ben was 22. It was the last time Ben was home before he shipped off to England to train for the invasion. What a hero.


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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Like Tobit said, they’re called The Greatest Generation for a reason!

  2. DK – great beatdown and a good way to honor and remember all those who fought and gave their lives for our freedoms 75 years ago.

    Thanks for stepping up to lead this morning.

  3. Great Q on the docks , DK! Awesome views and quality chatter. I could have used some Moleskin on the run back.

    Beautiful photos buddy! Glad you were able to visit the grave site.

  4. Sorry to miss this one, I’ll be back next week post-injury and post-wife’s return to town.

    Indeed they were the greatest generation, it’s hard to imagine what our country and world might look like today without them.

  5. Thanks for the field trip and sunrise workout DK. Glad they replaced the dock since the last time we went down there, this. I’m up for a swim next time. Doozy should have been up for it since he’ll be in the river later this month for the Tri.
    Appreciate the moment to remember DDay and reflect on the greatest generation.

  6. Great workout this morning DK, my hip hurts more when I’m sitting than when I’m working out. I’m usually just trying to keep up with Tobit or Rosie.

  7. Nice improv this morning DK! Enjoyed the EZ Dock workout with the sun rise…definitely a great way to start the day.

    Thanks for sharing the story and photos of your great uncle. It is truly inspiring to take a moment and reflect on the sacrifices that these soldiers made. At 97, my grandfather still loves telling stories of his WWII days…and I still love hearing them (even if I’ve heard them all before).

  8. Sorry to miss another river-side workout. I need to make one of these soon. AND…seriously, if anyone chose to turn Right that person should be shot…nothing good comes from turning RIGHT out of BWES on a bootcamp.

    Respect and thank you to your Great Uncle and those who served with him. Great picture too.

    On a separate note, I got to try a little sand soccer down here at Va Beach today practicing with my daughter for tomorrow’s tournament. I’m going to find a sandpit in RVA to host an F3RVA Sand Soccer workout. 15-minutes and I was SMOKED.