Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

D-Day at Mary


On a nice humid low 70s morning, 14 beasts showed up for a good beatdown from the Fireman.  

COP (Warm Up) – 6 Don Quixotes (Saab kept going – I think he did 9), 6 OYO burpees, 19 Freddie Mercuries and 44 Side straddle hops.  So the PAX are wondering why the odd #s.  The reason is that on 6/6/1944 the Allies landed on Normandy for what we call D-Day.  After an “appropriate” recovery period we headed down for our first exercise.

First Exercise: In honor of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, we split up 75 burpees into 19 sets by doing a set of 4 burpees at each tree (1 extra since we are tough).

Second Exercise: At the next corner we bear crawled and at the first tree did 1 WWII, bear crawled to the next tree, did 2 WWIIs and so on. We stopped at the next corner.

Third Exercise: We did lunges from the road to half way across the tennis court. I was initially thinking of going all the way across the tennis court but after someone asked when we should stop I stopped halfway.

Fourth Exercise: We did modified Doras with a partner and did 75 Hand release Merkins, 150 2 count mountain climbers and 300 2 count flutter kicks.

5th Exercise: We gathered around the monkey bars and we had 2 rings of fire with 2 participants doing 5 chin ups while the others were in plank position, doing derkins or tricep dips. I thought this was going to go around once but the group was so fast we ended with 2 times around and Swirly and Goldberg going 3 times. I guess they love some chin ups.

Last exercise was 35 American hammers.

Announcements: Summer Tour still going on, sign up if you haven’t already. Early risers club (or last call for you youngens) is on 6/22 at Dog Pile/Byrd Park. See HoneyDo for details.

Musings: It was fun Qing Mary for the first time. The group tends to partake in more mumble chatter than at Hoedown or Heartbreak. And yes I am not a “personalized” trainer.

Welcome Pistorious (FNG). He did a great job keeping up with the burpees, bear crawls and hand release merkins. He works with prosthetics hence the name.

Lastly, let’s take time to remember those who lost their lives on D-day. Do Great things men!


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  1. Solid beatdown, glad we did the 75 Burpees. Can’t remember a sweatier beatdown. Way to go Handy Man to bring a FNG on post #2, after your first post on Tuesday.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done Fireman Ed!
    Way to work guys
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Solid beat down Fireman Ed! 76 + 6 Burpees was tough. It was great to honor D-Day in the best way we can.

  4. Solid beatdown Fireman Ed!! And we only traversed one city block. 75 burpees=RESPECT! Today, those vets in Normandy are seeing the beaches for the last time. Let us education our younger generations about the word sacrifice and the events that transpired today. Make it a good one guys!

  5. That was the most cordial beat down i can remember. Nicely done Ed. You’d make the other Jets fan proud.

  6. Thanks guys! Saab, I like how you say the other Jets “fan”. I remember the good ole days in the 90s when the Jets won 8 or even 9 games in a season and there were >5 Jets fans in Richmond. Thanks for letting me lead on this big anniversary!

  7. Full disclosure, back in 3rd grade little-Saab was sporting an “official” Jets winter Jacket…Green with white sleeves…it was stylin’

  8. The 75 burpees caught up to my legs during the Anthem 5k tonight, still glad we did it.