Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Splinter’s Countryside Lollipop Feels Great!


Well, if you made this far into the backblast, the title must have caught your eye!

15 strong posted for a version of Splinter’s Countryside Lollipop ROUTE which felt great this morning in the 50 degree gloom. 0528 and the PAX were given instructions for the 4 and 5 miles routes. YHC had already revealed to Saab the 6 mile route via text yesterday, so he could lead them on the long distance run. 0530, let’s go!

4 Mile Route: Around the lake via the trail to a left onto College. Immediate right onto University. University across Westham and Ridge and up to Ralston. Right onto Ralston, immediate left back onto University. At the end of University, run up the driveway that turns into a trail that comes out onto Roslyn Hills. Go right up the hill to September and then turn around and backtrack to the VSF

5 Mile Route: Same as 4 except turn left onto September which turns into Countryside. Come down Countryside and hang a left onto Ruggles Rd. At end of Ruggles, turn left onto Roslyn Hills and venture back to trail and return to VSF.

6 Mile Route: Same as 5 except do not turn onto Ruggles. Stay straight on Countryside until it ends at River Road. Left onto River Rd. Left onto Charnwood. Right onto Standish. Left onto Roslyn Hills. Back onto trail and return to VSF, but adding a jaunt to the footbridge and back to get 6 miles in.

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out!


Summer Tour is in full swing, except it didn’t feel like Summer this morning.

Next HDHH/Roller Coaster run is going to be Wednesday, June 19th at 6pm. Palani Drive rear parking lot. Run hills at 6pm. HDHH at 6:45pm. Great chance to check off two Summer Tour items, albeit, one is extra credit(HDHH). ***NOTE THE TIME CHANGE***

Independence Day Convergence is on Thursday, July 4th at 7am at Tredegar, just like Memorial Day.


Lots of PAX members got turned around this morning. “If you haven’t been lost, turned around or second guessed yourself at a Spider Run, then have you really been to a Spider Run??”

Lug Nut continues to absolutely crush runs and boot camps day after day. He got in over 5 miles this morning and is looking slimmer than ever. Well done!

The 4-Pack of 6 milers (Saab, Sippy Cup, Marv and Faceplant had a slight jaunt on a busy River Road but made it through safely and smoked it on the way back.

Glad to have Prohibition from North Carolina run with us this morning. Well done!

Comments were made after COT that the Seal Team’s version of PuppyPile was in progress this morning around the lake. Someone called it “Kiddie Seals” or was it “Kitty Seals”? It may have been “Baby Seals”? Not sure, but all are good names.

YHC enjoyed finally getting back out to Spider Run and leading you fine men this morning. Please don’t forget the sacrifices that were made 75 years ago this Thursday as the Greatest Invasion ever planned and completed began. D-DAY!



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  1. Sorry to miss a run in my hood. The extra daylight really helps this one out.

    Hope you had fun and no one pulled a Fudd in my yard.

  2. Wedding Singer on

    My first time on that route, enjoyed it Kubota. Thanks to Vinny, Lug and I successfully maneuvered the entire 5 mile route, though unfortunately for Lug a few of those were made via long distance finger-pointing and needed to be corrected upon catching up.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Big thanks to Pucker for making sure I made it back this morning !
    Splinter as far as I know there were no Fudd’s left in your yard or Honeydo’s for that matter..
    Enjoyed the route Kubota – not sure why I always feel like I’m going to get shot when we run by that old house through his front yard 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. I sure hope it was your front yard. Without the cover of darkness I wouldn’t have done that on just anyone’s lawn…

  5. Great run this AM with Singer and Lug. First time I’ve ever been credited with not getting lost.

  6. Fella’s, that old house made me feel like I was running the BRR……Appalachia Syle. Old School for sure. Prohibition, great running with you this morning and same to you Swiper. Swirly, thank you for covering the 6. Run was great and so was the weather.
    Thank you. And yes, please remember Thursday, 6/6. D-Day!! This is the last time many of these veterans will be at Normandy. Fly your flags where ever you are and remember!
    Loud and Proud-Flatline