Tuesday, November 29
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Ollie, I said 4 years!


A dozen dove in to the dewy NoToll fields to search for a frisbee that was never to be found. Instead we did:

COP: SSH, Russian Soldiers, Arm Circle, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks

THE THANG: Start with 3 sets of 25 Boxing Cockroaches to get the Abs going. Then over to corner of field for: Zs. Run diagonal across field, 5 Buprees, Bear Crawl width, 10 HRMs, run diagonal again, 15 WWIIs, bear crawl across width, 20 Jump Squats. Initial call was 4 sets but audible was called to 2 laps.

Head over to other field: Backwards run half way, jog then spring back. Repeato. Partner up again for PLTs: 3 sets of 25. Then some Pickle pounders for practice.

Back to Basketball court: side run court, 15 HRMs then back and 15 more. Skip court then 20 Ball Dippers. Finish with Mary of Flutterkicks and American Hammers.

NMS: Good to be back at NoToll, it really has been a while. Ollie kept YHC sharp by asking what the Q had called: # of reps, exercise, or reps and exercise the entire beatdown. Apparently the field is wider at NoToll than at Gridiron since the bear crawls wore the PAX out. Getting to 4 laps would have taken too long.

Nice work from FNG Handy Man. Strong showing, especially from someone in the Respect range. Not a lot of SOJ mumblechatter this AM, a lot of NoToll regulars fartsacked or were touring this AM.

Sorry to repeat myself on my 4 year anniversary of earning the moniker Honeydo in the COT but YHC cannot thank F3RVA enough for the positive impact it has had on my life these last 4 years. Remember to embrace the soreness as that means we are truly living!


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  1. Happy 4 years! Sorry to pull the regulars away from an anniversary and a VQ, but it’s tough to get a spot on the Q sheet these days.

    You probably did not get a better workout, as there were lots of sprints this morning. I’ll give you the nod on the upper body though.

  2. 4 years, Honey Do! Wow. I remember that day you showed up and told us your wife made you come to F3. Love having you around, brother. You’re a stellar man, and you make everyone around you better. Keep it up.

  3. No flannel to celebrate 4 years? Congrats brother. When’s the next Early Risers?

  4. Well done Honeydo, congrats on 4 years. Happy to mark 4 with you today, was hoping for a “4” theme this morning but glad the Zs were terminated at 2. We all inspected the end lines of the field and can confirm there were no frisbees nearby.
    The fields are in excellent shape for anyone wanting to play games or go barefoot

  5. I think they should be called Xs, pronounced “tens”. Who starts writing their Z with the diagonal?

    Happy 4th HoneyDo!