Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All Aboard The Batteau Express


Eleven gentlemen travelers arrived for a Monday beat down at Batteau, including four SOJ passport stampers. 0:530 – All aboard!

COP: SSHs x 10. Helicopters x 10. DQs x 10. Merkins x 20. LBCs x 10. Flutter Kicks x 10

First Stop: Batteau 11s. Both exercises on each hill side. Uphill Merkins + Downhill WWIIs (you’ll thank us later).

Second Stop: Boulder / Baggage Claim. Partner up. Partner 1 holds rock plank while partner 2 runs down the left path/stairwell to the lake. Repeato. Partners walk down right path/stairwell switching overhead carries to the bottom. Partner 1 runs to the gazebo on the right while partner 2 forward lunges with alternating shoulder boulder presses. Repeat until the duo reaches the gazebo. Boulder carry up the right path/stairwell alternating boulder between partners at various landings.

Third Stop: Lions Pit. Boo Yah Merkins x 10 then partner 1 runs out of pit and up the hill to the left while partner 2 does dips. Repeato x 2.

Fourth Stop: Hill of Ill Repute. Bro Code up the hill, stopping at various lamp posts for exercises all x 5. Merkins / Werkins / Clerkins / Chuck Norris / Burpees.

Back to the station. Wilson welcomed us to town and took us out.

Announcements: Shakedown is shaving his head for a great cause and is seeking donations. Summer Tour is on. Hippie Olympics tomorrow at Hearbreak Ridge – see Lab Rat. Pavarotti VQ tomorrow at DaVille. Breaking Bread is always in need – and it’s part of Summer Tour, so get on it.

NMS: It’s great having numbers at Batteau. Today was perfect for a tour of the grounds. Way to push Nancy Lopez, we see you pushin’ and postin’. Awesome! Great words by Wilson this morning. One thing I always try and do is send hand written notes. I’ll be sure and send one today.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great to have a big crowd this morning !
    Way to work guys !
    Thanks for writing it up Vinny !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Tons of options at Batteau!! Thanks for having the SOJers this morning. Strong work fellas!

  3. For clarity:

    Ultimate frisbee tomorrow at Heartbreak Ridge. Bring a black shirt, a white shirt and a positive attitude if you are coming.

    Good stuff this morning, it’s a hidden gem of an AO.

  4. Great to be back at Batteau this morning with the regulars and tourists. We could not have asked for a better weather forecast.

    Way to bring it, men! Have a great day!