Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Don’t take a faceplant


6 studs posted on a nice spring morning in Richmond. Route was northbank to T potters field to buttermilk and home just under 6 miles , j. Saab hit the roads.


The parking lot was packed when I arrived at 645. Rare for a Sunday morning. Often in the winter we are the only folks in the parking lot. Ollivander put in an extra half hour pre-workout.

The trails were looking for payback today. Faceplant almost took a faceplant today about a mile into the run. He stumble for a few yards then caught himself. YHC was happily making his way down the trails thinking how much better he has gotten on the trails especially after our jaunt on the AT a few weeks ago. 10 second later I hit the deck. Concentration on the trails is key and it only takes a second of losing concentration to hit a rock and stumble…

We missed Sally out there today. Offshore is still hurting from wearing his exercise shoes for the run in Wednesday. Great to have faceplant out there for the first time. Always good to have visitors on the trails.


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