Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Anvil: Day 1


19 F3 Warriors broke themselves upon The Anvil, baptizing it with their sweat, and came out stronger and tougher.

Mudface created this AO, and led the first day. Mosey from the parking lot to the playground blacktop for COP: SSH, DQ, LBC’s and Merkins. Mosey to the field by the track for Belching: PAX begins on their bellies, when the Q yells “GO” the PAX runs 10 strides, drops and performs 10 HRM’s. PAX then low crawl back or forward to line up with the Q until a straight line is achieved. Repeat until the PAX reaches the end of the field. Run up the hill (foreshadowing) until reaching the back corner of the AO, than cross to opposite back corner, stopping to touch every tree and perform 10 single count crab cakes each time.

Run down hill to back of school to start Burp Back Mountain: partner up, one partner does Bernie Sanders back up the hill while his compatriot does burpees, switch out when he returns, continue until 100 burpees are completed.

Wall tunnel time: PAX line up in people’s chair against wall, starting at far end each PAX bear crawls through the tunnel, repeat again with PAX pressing only shoulders against the wall.

Mosey to rock pit by original parking lot, grab a rock and do boat/canoe’s to Chewy’s count. Mosey back to flags, numberama, namerama, Chewy took us out.


What a great showing to open The Anvil. This AO is huge, and Mudface showed the PAX what could be done, and how many possibilities there are to sharpen ourselves. YHC counted 6 different playgrounds, along with a track, and inside the courtyard there are more benches, etc. The mumblechatter started right away, as some PAX thought the Q took some liberties with his cadence during arm circles, but hey, he’s the Q, he leads his way. Mudface had fun getting the PAX to false start during Belching, and the PAX responded by getting very creative with how many strides made up ’10.’ This and running to each tree was a good warmup to the Burp Back Mountain, and YHC’s legs were toast after running the hill and burpees.

The wall work served as a bit of a rest and mumblechatter centered on the size of the crawlers and how much ‘natural gas’ could Rounders unleash on you from that vantage point. It was great to have visitors help Davillians break in our new AO, thanks for coming Offshore, EF Hutton, Byproduct and Scrum. Hopefully our flags and numbers were noticed by many driving by and we’ll start to get members from the 111. Great job of Q’ing by Mudface!

Announcement: Puppy Pile this Saturday after Dogpile.

As usual, both Mudface and YHC have No Idea what we’re doing.


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  1. Scott Beaudin on

    Great workout at The Anvil! Love the new location. Will make sure to use the proper entrance to the AO next time.

  2. Great Q MudFace way to show us the entire AO. Looking forward to what this new location has in store for us

  3. Well done Mudface! (and ghost writer)! Great new AO. thanks to the visitors from distant parts for joining us! Yes the Burp Back Mountain part will never be forgotten.