Tuesday, November 29
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cloud Cover


5 strong posted for Roller coaster and here is how it went down.

TYA – long loop – medium loop – short loop

Oyster – long loop – medium loop

Upchuck – long loop , medium loop, short loop

Offshore – long loop, medium loop, short loop

Swirly – long loop, medium loop, short loop.

We were all grateful for the cloud cover cause she was warm out there last night.. Great to have five guys out there… BRR not far away – summer tour is on us. Come on out to Roller coaster…


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  1. Way to push, Swirly. Offshore rocked in the Strength shoes. Nice to have Oyster join us.

    As always, TYA was a fabulous host.

  2. I may have forgotten how many hills were over there. Thanks for the run gentlemen.

  3. I had to blow some steam after battling traffic to post. Now my calves are barking back at me. Running with the PAX was the cure I needed. Thanks!