Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Modified Murph


And so it begins, the infiltration of PAX members from abroad. Eleven showed up to Source of Truth on a balmy May Wednesday.

Mosey to lower parking lot, warm up- SSH, Don Q, Slow squats, LBCs, box cutters.

Mosey to track – MURPH with a modification. Run 1 mile, partner up with the closest person finishing with you, perform 100 Boo Ya Merkins, 200 Partner leg Throws, and 300 yards of Partner Carry across the field. Finish with one more mile.

Mosey to flag, hold feet at 6 inches while each PAX member individually gives a shout out to a Veteran and performs 5 heals to heaven.

Great job men! YHC has been well aware of ‘coasting’ and not doing his part in the leadership of F3RVA. With Big Data in the trail, there’s no hiding, so back to Q it is! Thanks for indulging, apologies for a few protocol mishaps but all was covered and no member was harmed.

YHC admits not all planned exercises are productive in nature (see Bridge from Hell – Fudd), this modified Murph had good intentions but was proved to difficult. Also it’s never a good idea to put a workout like the Murph right on top of a recent Murph, my apologies to the Twin Team folks attending both Friday and today. But it all worked out and the PAX got the blood flowing.

Enjoyed meeting and partnering with Corned Beef from Hanover, who’s been crushing it for only a couple weeks now. Doozie and Tobit were well out in front. Steady redwoods Rosie and Gumbo, Honey Do and McRib not too far behind. Lug you’ve been on a tear this year, bedhead and all. Bullseye logging a few extra miles before the workouts, impressive.

By the way, anyone identify the snake on the track??? That think looked venomous like a Timber Rattler.



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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Enjoyed it fellas! Good luck to all the summer tour folks. Really curious to know what kind of snake that was, the pattern wasn’t your typical Virginia snake.

  2. Doh…iPhone malfunction.

    Way to bring the hammer on that modified murph Singer. That hurt…a lot.

    I enjoyed working through it with Mouse Trap who took on extra work by carrying my heavy butt across the field.

    Additionally, I did notice the snake on the track and my only thought was I’m glad I wasn’t on the field when he was. Could you imagine dropping down for a burpie right on top of that….that’s what nightmares are made of.

    Thanks for leading Singer! Great job fellas!

    Til next time.


  3. Well done Singer! That modified Murph was BRUTAL.

    “YHC admits not all planned exercises are productive in nature”….not sure what you meant by that…this beatdown was definitely productive!

    The snake on the track was definitely a surprise. I thought it was a copperhead at first…but the markings didn’t seem right. I was just glad it had already slithered a ways onto the track before I ran by.

  4. I’m beat Singer. Great workout.

    Not sure about the snake. Agree with McRib – just glad he slithered away from the field.

  5. I thought it was a copperhead but Tobit was pulling me along and making me run so fast, it was a blur the two times we saw it.

    The SOJ – Murph hasn’t happened yet, feel free to join in on that this coming Friday

  6. Oh my. That looks brutal. But maybe not as hard (for Wilson) as the 3+ miles run a w dog. See you boys soon.

  7. The modified Murph was a good challenge! I didn’t mind it too much, especially without the pull-ups (which I’m terrible at).

    Just glad no one told the snake my F3 name was Mouse Trap or he might have attacked me!

    McRib – great partnering up with you too. I’ve been avoiding partner carry work worried that it would be too rough on the knees and legs, but after carrying your heavy butt for 150 yards and not collapsing, I might not shy away from it as much.

  8. Well done, Singer. Great idea and a great option for a Murph without pull-up bars. I particularly enjoyed the moment when McRib verbally declared his defeat in his effort to finish next to either Tobit or Doozy on the first mile so as to have them to carry across the field. I applaud the fact that you even entertained that idea for a moment.

    Always great partnering with Rosie, but i was afraid carrying him would be a little like the Flinstones mobile with him just running along while on my back. I’ll tell you 50 Boo-Yah Merkins sure is “productive” and painful.

    Bravo for the EC Bullseye – you’ve gotten your miles in the last two days – that’s for sure.

    Thanks for visiting HoneyDo and Corned Beef!

  9. A great way to start off my Summer tour. Nice partnering with Lug. I was upset no SOJ pax took care of the snake, I’m sure Gumbo could use a snake in his namesake dish…
    Solid Q singer!

  10. McRib, I guess you settled for me as your next partner carry target (as the next lightest of the bunch). I don’t know how I feel about being targeted like that.

    But at less than 170lbs, you sure seemed to be struggling to carry me across that field! Maybe you should have carried the snake or the dog that we passed on the track instead!

  11. How can you be sure one of the SOJ pax didn’t take care of the snake? It was gone by the time we got to the third lap. I would not have been surprised to see Bullseye pick it up and throw it in the woods. Animals (and people) fear him! (And it might explain why he was bringing up the six on the run!)

  12. Tommy Henning on

    Great workout today guys! The drive was worth it and we invite you up this summer and have many locations for your bucket list. Cheers from Corned Beef. Love the modified Merkins…will steal that for sure!