Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hump-day 11s, Dora, Sprints, and some EC


13 Warriors posted for a HumpDay Beatdown as the sun rose over the friendly confines of SOT this morning.


SSHs x 20

Helicopters x 10

Imperial Walkers x 20

LBC x 30

Merkins x 10

Copperhead Squats x 10

Mosey to Football Field

11s Round 1 – run width of field

Exercise 1 – WWIIs

Exercise 2 – Monkey Humpers

Mosey to Bleachers

11s Round 2 – Up and Down Bleachers

Exercise 1 – Incline Merkins

Exercise 2 – Dips

Mosey back down to Track


Partner Up – First partner does 3 Burpees while second does backwards run around track. After 3 burpees first partner runs forward to catch partner and switch. Complete one full lap around track.

Mosey to bottom of Bus Hill

Dora – Runner goes up the hill to trailer then back down to switch with partner.

As a team 100 Donkey Kicks, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats.

Lunge up the hill when done.

Quick detour onto the field that has never been used.

Mosey to end of the field, then turn around and give it all you got to the flag.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out!


Puppy Coming up…Date?

Memorial Day Convergence Monday at 7am

Summer tour starts Saturday.


Lots of MumbleChatter before 530 hit, but not much after that. Strong work by all this morning. Great to see McRib and Bobber continuing to post. Also good to see Singer back out and pushing through some injuries that have been lingering, keep it up brotha! TCI Claps to Bullseye, OC, and Rosie for putting in the EC run prior to posting. Respect to Lug and Gumbo for doing some light reading in the cars before posting, not sure how thats possible, YHC is barely awake at that time. Doozy continues to fly on the runs, dude is a monster. Awesome partnering with DK and Gumbo today, appreciate the push fellas. And of course Sugar and Rosie crushed the 11s pretty quickly as expected. Wilson was first back to the flag, who says he doesn’t like to run!?!? Appreciate the PAX allowing me to lead, this group is special and its awesome to watch it grow. Have a great Day gents!!



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  1. Nice beating today Duke! What a great AO and you did a great job spreading us out. I like bleacher work! Glad I woke up and showed up!

  2. Great Q ‘Duke. Nice use of the bleachers too. I was completely gassed between trying to catch you and your ridiculous backwards sprint and running up and down that darn hill on the Dora…especially after sixty-some donkey kicks…OUCH!

    Let’s keep the numbers up – 13 at SOT is great.

    Puppy Pile is 6/1 BTW.

  3. Way to work this morning guys! That was a serious beatdown, Duke. I was toast by the Dora.

    Rosie, wow. Dude ran some pre-beatdown EC, and then proceeded to absolutely crush the 11’s. I think Doozy kept up with him, somehow.

    How have we missed that upper field? Honestly, I didn’t know it was there until we ran past it this morning, and SoT was at this location when the gloom was lit up by long days last summer, wasn’t it? Bizarre. Glad you made use of it, even for just a minute.

  4. Great job today Marmaduke!

    That was quite the beat down and I concur with the DK that Catch Me if You Can was the hardest lap ever.

    Thanks for leading and for ensuring that we trekked up and down the hills of SOT than any other beat down on record.

    Til next time!


  5. Orange Crush on

    Another great Q Duke. Catch me if you can…just brutal…and the entire workout was a good beat down today. I’ll be leaving shortly to help you out with mulch. Make sure to save me some.

  6. Fun times this morning Duke, great to see 13 at SOT. Agreed on that Catch me if you can lap, that needs to be shared with the non-SOJ PAX so they can experience the brutality.