Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Normalizing Greatness


18 SOJ regulars, 1 Kotter & 1 FNG embraced the moonlight and early sunrise and assembled at NoToll for a Döner Kebab beatdown that went something like this….


Mosey to inner parking lot. Can’t see the moon, so mosey to Field for COP: 30 SSHs, DQs, Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, Tempo Merkins, Crab Cakes, SSHs

Take a Lap as a PAX

Line up on End Line for The Golden State Warrior: Like a Beast, but perform 5 exercises at each of 6 stations for a total of 30 in honor of Steph Curry and GSW’s sweep in the 2019 Western Conference Finals. Exercises were SSHs, Monkey Humpers, Plank Shoulder Taps, Capital Letters, Merkins. Loads of planking inbetween.

Stay on the end line for Normalizing Greatness: 36.5 SSHs in honor of Steph Curry’s League History Best 36.5 points per game in a 4 game playoff sweep.

Split into 2 teams, lights and light darks VS darks and dark lights, and play Ultimate Frisbee for 15-20 min. 10 vs 10. If you score, do 3 burpees while the other team runs back to the line. In a turnover heavy barn burner, the darks & dark lights won 4-2.

Mosey back to basketball courts for Bear Crawl for 2 Minutes, followed by 30 seconds of Forward Lunge in Place.

Mosey back to VSF for COT: Dr. Tryhard took us out.

Naked Moleskin:

Welcome back to Last Call! Way to Kotter and get back after it!!

Welcome to FNG Tupop or Two-Pop or 2Pop (think Toucan, 2Can, Tucan) who showed the PAX what a double respect looks like, including a few scores in ultimate. As Vinny said, Tupop makes sense because he gets 2 pops of RESPECT!

It was great to be able to play ultimate with the PAX. We picked up where we left off last year, highlighted by Aisle 5s epic, slipping fails…thrice. Hope there were no scars, Aisle 5…you did great, including your diving catch well out of bounds. Other highlights included too many long throws that resulted in turnovers, heavy dewed fields that led to feet slips and finger slips. The light dark and dark light shirts were confusing, but everyone shared in the confusion so all was well. Radar & JC get YHC’s honorable mentions for solid play down the center of the field. Additional honorable mention to Doozy for an awesome catch that went through his hands but collected with his legs!


Convergence on Memorial Day at Tredegar at 7am.

Puppy Pile June 1 at 7am at DogPile.

Summer Tour signups somewhere on this site.


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  1. Great idea DK. Great fun. I see another game in the near NoToll future…

    Welcome back Last Call and welcome, TuPop…RESPECT, RESPECT!

  2. Enjoyed the workout and the game of ultimate! I was wondering how everyone was finishing their burpees so quickly after our scores – I thought we were supposed to do 5 each. Oops.

    Some good fellowship afterwards – I met a number of guys I hadn’t met before: Radar, Vinnie, Last Call, Posh. Look forward to seeing you around again!

    Welcome to Tupop! Keep posting!

  3. A great morning for the frisbee football challenge! Way to brink it, DK!

    Welcome back to Last Call and Welcome to the group, “2pop”.

    Have a great day, gents!

  4. Glad to I shunned routine and went for the long haul today. It’s no wonder SOJ won Field Day. No Toll is ridiculous. Welcome 2-Pop. (DK counted more than 28 SSHs today. Weird). #HTTR

  5. Awesome stuff DK! Always fun with competition is brought out! Strong work boys!

  6. Great Q DK!! I have never played ultimate, but I loved it. I think there must be s technique I am missing…Like how to STOP..??..

  7. Orange Crush on

    DK…I had a ton of fun this morning. Thank you! Loved it. I also want to add..the light shirts only lost because we didn’t want to do the 3 burpees. We were very strategic that way.

    Welcome 2-Pop. You are a great addition to the team.

  8. Thanks for the warm welcome this morning! Great group. Lots of cardio. I was just trying to keep up. Loved the ultimate. See you again soon!