Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Birthday Baseball


A lucky 13 arrived at Atlee HS to take part in a double celebration.

This how it went down:

Opus Q’s

Mosey to the soccer field

COP (ALL IC) – Arm Circles, Hip Circles, V Merkins, Hillbillies, Freddie’s Gas Pumps, V Merkins

Spit’s Q


Mosey to the softball field

Around The Bases – Complete exercises at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base. At Home complete “X” number of exercise based on the number of PAX members behind you.

1st Base – Heels to Heaven
2nd Base – Merkins
3rd Base – Burpees
home Plate – V Ups

1st Inning – 10 reps each
2nd Inning – 20 reps each
3rd Inning – 10 reps each

Working The Outfield – Starting at 2nd Base, Bear Crawl to the middle of field, Crab Walk to the fence (hold plank for six), Frog Jump to the middle of the field, Lunge back to 2nd base

Mosey to the baseball practice field

Around The Bases Continues – Same set up as before except replace V Ups with Dips. Also run the next 3 innings continuously:

4th Inning – 5 reps each
5th Inning – 5 reps each
6th Inning – 5 reps each

Mosey back to the softball field

Around the Bases (Home straight) – Same set up as the first 3 innings

7th Inning – 10 reps each
8th Inning – 10 reps each
9th Inning – 15 reps each

Mosey back to the SF for Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements and YHC took us out.


Today mark YHC’s officially anniversary date with F3. On 5/21/16 YHC, along with The Carpenter, Emoji, Abacus, and 6 others to part in a down range workout will on on a retreat. See the link to read that Backblast:

Today YHC brought this same workout back and gave it steroids

Opus started things off by giving us some new exercises during the COP. The V Merkins were a nice challenge and Phonics made a comment that hip exercises must be something you do at respect.

Mumble chatter centered around Rounders/The Carpenter’s 4th F, YHC and Yard Sale talking about JMU softball, and Helix being a burpee beast

Today YHC would like to thank the DaVille PAX for last 3 years. Thanks to Lab Rat and Circle K for launching the AO in Mechanicsville. For Carpenter EHing him for 2 months. For Abacus leading that first workout and naming YHC. For Emoji being there from day one and still here today.

It’s been a fun ride and YHC can’t wait to see what the next 3 years has in store!





  1. Well done Spit (and Opus) Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Opus!
    Can’t believe it’s been exactly three years of F3, through the best of times and worst of times. Going Strong! We were just puppies back then. Keep up the excellent work!!!

  2. The Carpenter on

    Happy Anniversary, Spit! I can remember the morning when Abacus was trying to name you and then you SPIT on the ground… Your name came easily and you have owned it well these 3 years. The baseball workout brought back memories of that morning at the Williamsburg Retreat Center. We have enjoyed a ton of F3 workouts since that morning!