Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Block Monday


8 men from the west end and YHC said no to their fart sack this sunny and 70 Monday morning to get in some coupon action.

This is how it when down.

Grab a cinder block from the stack and mosey up to the black top

COP (ALL IC) – SSH, DQ, Hillbillies, Tempo LBC’s, Merkins (on Cinder Blocks), Arm Circles


Jacob’s Ladder (sort of) – Only thing that made this a Jacob’s Ladder was the count up to 7. Using the blacktop, line up on one side in front of the basketball hoops. Complete 1 Situp + Press. Bear Crawl w/ block to the other side and complete 2 Situp + Press. Rinse and Repeat till 7 reps

Mosey to the playground field

11’s – Complete both exercise on one side (1 Block Burpee + 10 Block Swings), run across the field and back. Rinse and Repeat till 10 Burpees + 1 Swing.

Mosey to canopy area next to school

Triple Check – Dips, Derkins, Hallelujah Run (Block over head) down the sidewalk and back

Mosey back to the SF for Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements and YHC took us out.


Always great to make the trip to the Tuckahoe area. Since YHC wouldn’t be Qing a KB working this week, seem only fitting to have some sort of coupon workout.

YHC must have been slamming the cinder block a little hard during the ladder. About halfway thought his broke in half and had to run back down the hill to get a replacement

Offshore was beast during the 11’s lapping the rest of the PAX


  • Loose Goose has the Q at Heartbreak tomorrow. There will be no Cinder Blocks
  • Memorial Day Convergences at Tredegar
  • Puppy Pile Saturday June 1st




  1. Great job fellas! Have great Monday and hope to see y’all at Mary later this week!

  2. Well Done Spit! The coupon did bring on some pain but it is good to get the upper body developed for pool season.

  3. Thanks for the coupons and your leadership Spit. I was hoping for something just like that. Definitely hit muscle failure on the first round of triple check. Hallelujah runs with even half blocks are no joke.

    Offshore was certainly a beast.

    How many people saw Garbage Plate putting in another round of block burpees for extra credit?

    You men are an inspiration.

  4. The ST parents are gonna be pissed about the cinder block scrapes on the blacktop but that was fun. Warm temps definitely starting to make the Gloom tougher. Thanks for cutting Triple check short!

  5. That Hallelujah run with the Cinderblock was rough! I second the thankfulness when you cut it short.