Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three Lakes


37 Warriors of the Gloom arrived at Dogwood Dell on a gorgeous sunny and 70 Saturday morning to help YHC start off his week of celebration. So had already run 9 miles, some 7, some 2, and other just waiting to get their run on.

This how it went down

Take the long mosey to the never used grassy area near John Cary ES

COP (ALL IC) – SSH, DQ, Hillbillies, Tempo LBC’s, Merkins, Arm Circles

THANG (Three Lakes Beatdown)

Mosey to Boat Lake (Lake #1)

Partner Carriers – Partner Up, Each partner carriers for 25 steps then stop, complete 3 Booyah Merkins, then switch. Rinse and Repeat the full straight of the lake

Polar Bears – Rinse and Repeat Polar Bear up lakeview ave to Westover Rd

Mosey to The Round House

Mary Medley – While using the railings and wall complete the following (ALL IC): 20 Dips, 5 Derkins (lower rail). 5 Derkins (upper rail), Balls to the Wall for a 10 ct IC

Mosey to Sawn Lake (Lake #2)

11’s – Start with 10 Merkins at the top of the hill then run to the bottom for 1 WWII Sit-up, Berine Sanders back up the hill. Rinse and Repeat to the lead PAX completes 1 Merkins/10 WWII Sit-ups

Mosey to Shield Lake (Lake #3)

Hill Work – PAX formed two lines with two arms length between each other. While PAX holds Carolina Dry Dock plank then PAX at the end of the line start leap frogging over to the front. Rinse and Repeat till every has gone through.

Mosey back to while Bernie Sanders up Shield Lake Dr

Pole Smokers – Each PAX completes 5 Heels to Heaven while the rest hold plank.

Shortest Mosey of the day back to the SF for Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements and YHC took us out.


Yes there was running today. Since last Q YHC had Dogpile was ground and pound, this needed to be different to keep Wilson on his toes. Speaking of Wilson, he had a over/under prediction of 3 miles. Well we hit 3 miles exactly per Gomer’s Garmin. No pay out a Vegas on this workout.

So per YHC we had a 38th member join us today. After finishing the Mary Medley, YHC called for a 10 ct from ABBA but there was no ABBA. YHC is glad he could provide some laughter in the middle of the workout

YHC is sure there are numerous other highlights from the morning but 24 hours later hard to remember them all.

YHC does want to thank the whole PAX for a great 3 years! This brotherhood has been there for YHC through the ups and downs over these years. Thanks again and as YHC shared at the end, always remember to reach out to your follow F3 brothers. Don’t let anyone fall into that sad clown syndrome again.


  • Crossover minstry is hosting it’s annual Moo & Brew 5k – Check their website for more info:
  • Summer tour begins next Saturday the 25th. Pre blast coming shortly
  • Puppy Pile Saturday June 1st at 7:05 am
  • Keep praying for Swirly and his M




  1. Run heavy day for sure. Thanks for taking us to new places at Dog Pile. Well done. Great to see everyone.

  2. Longest 11s ever, way to lead Spit. Early Risers is extra credit for Summer Tour Challenge.

  3. Smoker! Enjoyed the tour de spit. Congrats on 3 years brother. That’s great dedication and leadership by example.

  4. Congrats on 3 Years!!! Also way to stick to your guns when it was obvious that a half mile uphill Bernie Sanders was gonna really suck… no audible.. f eel the burn..