Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thanks for Nothing, Robert Frost!


Fifteen men from Richmond and the surrounding areas converged at Mary Munford to end the week the right way.  

The Routes

6 Milers – MM down Grove to Henri to Campus Drive to UR Drive around the lake, up Ridgeway to Fairway to Robins to Iris to Stonehurst Green to St. Andrews Lane back to Grove to Mary Mumford.

5 Milers – The same except instead of running around the lake, they ran to Ridgeway.  It is also likely that they did not turn onto Stonehurst.

4 Milers – The same except possibly did not go all the way along Campus Drive.


The joke of my nickname is that English is one subject I do not feel qualified to teach.  But, since this is known as the Haiku Route, here we go.


What Perfect weather

Let’s go for a ride or run

Down Grove Here we go!


It’s that time of year

Marv and Sippy Cup discuss

Little League Baseball


Up Ridgeway is tough

Not easy to run and talk

But the views are great!


The Road less traveled

Let’s take St. Andrews to Grove

Is the way we went


Back on Grove we go

Still laughing at that poem.

Googled it at home.

COT – Numberama, Name-o-rama, Announcements YHC took us out.


After attempting to create a new route, YHC decided to select one of his favorite routes from Lockjaw’s many.  As YHC was giving the directions, Sippy said that it was the Haiku route?  Well, I gave it a try.  I preparing myself mentally for the critiques.

As YHC was running with Marv and Sippy, he suggested that we run down St. Andrew’s.  After doing this, Sippy and YHC had a discussion about Robert Frost and The Road Less Traveled.  Sippy then told YHC about the following poem from a children’s book.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I

I took the one less traveled by. . .

Since then I’ve been completely lost.

Thanks for nothing, Robert Frost!”


He then told YHC about a poem that ended with Infinity minus one which was also hilarious.  These got me to the end of the route.  Thanks for Sharing Sippy!


  • Early Risers –  4 AM trail run – tomorrow (Saturday, 5/18/19)
  • New Thursday AO coming to Daville -https://f3rva.org/2019/05/16/new-ao-the-anvil-coming-to-daville/
  • Puppy Pile – June 1 at 7:05 AM.  (The last Saturday in May)
  • Need Q for Breaking Bread – Sunday before Memorial Day.
  • Summer Tour starts Saturday, May 25.  We are doing patches this year.  A Preblast is coming shortly.  F3RVA Monthly Challenge
  • Prayers for Swirly and his M.  We are all think about you.  

Gotta Run!




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  1. Great run today. It was enjoyable to run and not talk with ABBA, very different than running Upchuck and Lab Rat.