Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

River Sunrise


Sunny and 70 everyday in F3RVA but today felt especially nice. 7 SOJers took the daily red pill and started their day at TwinTeam. YHC had advertised to a few at the Forge that there would be a field trip to see the sunrise. Some did not realize the park was there or what it was but all got to enjoy a beautiful morning on the river.


Mosey down the road, stopping in the grass as a car went by for a quick COP of SSH, Helicopters and IW. Mosey the rest of the way all the way to the river. Dial up a perfect sunrise and find a spot on a bench, preferably facing the water for Lindsays. Dips and Step Ups.

Find the boat/dock rack that was once used for the Murph. 5 pull ups, run to the volleyball court 10 merkins. Repeato x3

Down to the dock for a mountain climber leap frog. All plank, man on the end does 10 Mtn climbers, jump the pax, repeato until we get to the other end of the dock.

Indigenous People run to get out of the park, normal round 1, add burpee round 3, 3 merkins for round 3. Around behind the school to find the tires. Unfortunately they have been chained up so no tire flipping for us today. Instead all do a 6 inch hold while one man does 5 pull ups and then does the monkey bars, rotate through. Ollivander added the optional rope walk at the end.

Mosey back to the flag for some randorama – Freddies, Flutters, HRM, Plank Jacks, Hillbillies, AH and 1-leg APD.

Numbers/Names and Tobit took us out


Not even close to calling this morning the gloom. What a great day to be outside, when YHC signed up to Q a few weeks back the hope was to get a reasonably clear day to see the sunrise on the river. It couldn’t have worked out any better. Yet another jewel on the James. Hard to believe we tried the Murph on that iron rack, 3 rounds of 5 was tough enough. Lots of time for chatter on the mosey to and from the river. Any more than 7 PAX planking on that dock would have put us fully in the water. We’ll be back for a trail run later in the summer when it gets a little lighter and warmer. Tight quarters for the shotput and discus at James River but plenty of room for an F3 Olympics.

Announcements –

Summer Tour – sign up sheet is out there, see a recent backblast

Shakedown is shaving his head for St. Baldricks – He’ll let you know where to find the link if you want it

Some summer series races at Sportsbackers Stadium this summer, Phonics or I have more info. F3 should get a team or two together

Hawkeye is having a Hoe Down at his house this weekend. Show up if you can find it. Track him down for more info.

Have a great day today men. Thanks for the opportunity to lead, I enjoyed sharing a great morning with everyone. Take that energy and make someone else’s day better.


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  1. Great Q, Rosie! Loved getting down to the water and the sunrise was a great reminder of the glory of the Creator and His new mercies every morning!

    20 pull-ups in one workout is more than enough for (apparently I need to put in some more work on those at home!)

    I like the idea of an olympics. Sign me up for long jump and triple jump. I’ll leave the sprinting to Doozy and Tobit. A relay race sounds fun, though!

  2. Thanks for the field trip this morning Rosie…enjoyed it! Definitely a great morning to be outside and take in the glory of it all.

    Enjoy your Friday fellas!

  3. Awesome morning! Great idea Rosie! Tough mosey back, for me, after the step ups.

  4. Great Q this morning, I did get a little more than concerned when the water and the dock level where at almost equal height but only my gloves got wet, so it’s all good.

  5. Sorry to miss this one. I look forward to another field trip down to the River soon. Great work fellas.