Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two churches


14 strong posted on a Thursday morning for a beatdown at Mary Mumford.

The Thang

Mosey about 50 yards to side of school. 5x Don Quixote, 10x merkins, Mosey a little more to corner of Commonwealth and Cary, another COP with random exercises. Run across the street to the sidewalk on cary and Mosey to windsor way. Team up, first person runs to next intersection and back, other person does Lunges, crab dippers, and polar bears until both reach the intersection. Mosey to Grove Baptist Church field. 4 corners. First round mosey to first corner for 10 merkins, second corner, 20 copperhead squats, third corner 40 WWII setups, corners 4 40 side straddle hops. While waiting for the 6 continue to do SSH. Reverse direction and run backwards between the stations, add 5 to each exercise ending at the merkin station. Mosey to Windsor way, make your way to the next intersection doing lunges, crab dips, and polar bears in team. Mosey to intersection of Windsor way and Cary. Cross street and enter Reveille church. Short COP at side of school. Go through back entrance of school and mosey back to shovel flag, stopping several times for more merkins, mary exercises and other COP activities.


I was kicking my own ass this morning. The reason we has so many COP and stops along the way was because I couldn’t get into a running rhythm. Even with the stops, I didn’t want to give the us a break, so I kept the exercises flowing.

Field at Grove Baptist was awesome today. They had cut the grass so it wasn’t its normal knee high grass. Only negative on the field was that on the south side of the field there were a bunch of divers/holes in the field. Ankle breakers if you were not careful.

Splinter brought us out and into the day we went.


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  1. Well done, TYA! Loved the field trip. Saab knows his organic and non-organic bananas so don’t test or trick him!