Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Indecent Exposure

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Sixteen wandering Westhamers promptly departed from the Commons at 5:29, leaving behind at least 1 just-in-time PAX member to locate the crew. TYA inquired and everyone was excited when YHC announced his claim of the Q. Off we went:

The Route

  • West around the baseball field, left on College, right on Lakewood
  • 4 milers right on Wood, right on Hampshire (whoops, Baldwin), across to Ridge Top, stopping at Chandler
  • 5 milers right on Wood, right on Westham, right on Woodberry, right on Horsepen, left on Devon, right on Ridge Top, stop at Chandler
  • 6 milers continue on Lakewood to a right on Westham, right on Woodberry, right on Horsepen, left on Devon, right on Ridge Top, stop at Chandler

Stop for intervals on Chandler. 1 minute up at high intensity and 1:45 down for recovery. Complete anywhere from 3-5 intervals depending on arrival time.

Follow Ridge Top back towards campus with a quick jog through fraternity row before returning back to VSF.

Apologies to the 4 mile crew for mislabeling the right on Hampshire. It should have been a right on Baldwin which turns into Hampshire. Thus, some of our PAX didn’t make it to Chandler on time. Eventually everyone but 2 showed up to enjoy the intervals.

Many thanks to our elder statesman for demonstrating what proper running attire is for a cool 50°F.


  • Donate to Shakedown to support childhood cancer. See him for more details
  • Puppy Pile on 6/1, “the last Saturday in May”
  • Memorial Day convergence on, you guessed it, Memorial Day
  • Summer Tour challenge starts on the actual last Saturday in May. Check out the google sheets doc for details. You can even request a patch.

Splinter out.



  1. Good Q today Splinter. Off campus intervals were spot on.

    BT’s “Left leaning camel toe” had my vote for the BB title…

  2. Nice! If you like intervals and repeats, come out to Wednesday Hill Run/HDHH tomorrow evening. See PreBlast

  3. I love intervals but rarely is there a day where someone other than YHC leads intervals. I spoke to Obama and he said they do intervals every Wednesday. Just sayin’…

  4. Not sorry to miss intervals, but very sorry to miss my man Obama in the RVA for a posting. Glad to see Wedding Singer’s name in the PAX list – hope the back is ok after Field Day.