Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3RVA: Field Day 2019


FIFTY EIGHT (58) 4th graders at heart posted for Vinny’s Second Inaugural Field Day. The bell rang, we slammed open the double doors and hit the school yard. Scoring was explained, and teams lined up ready to fight for the Ghost Flag, the only way we know how.

Crab Soccer: Two, five minute rounds. Winners and losers squared off in round 2.

Wheel Barrow Relay: Teams lined up on the start line and partners wheel barrow-ed to the cone. Boo Yah Merkins x 10, switch wheelbarrow and return to start/finish line. PAX did Jump Squats while cheering on their classmates.

Sack Races: Teams lined up on the start line and one at a time, hopped in the sack and raced out to the cone and back. First team across wins. SSHs for the PAX.

Tunnel of Love: About 1/4 length of the Carillon Field. First team to have their entire team across the finish line wins.

Merkin Egg Toss: PAX partner up and line up across from their partner. Toss the egg and perform various 10 count Merkins and 5 Burpees on the whistle. Teams could finish first, second and, third in this one. Once eliminated PAX moved to the side and joined in on the called exercises. Finalist were about 50-75 steps farther apart from where they started.

Fifty Yard Burpee Dash: Teams line up on the start line. One at a time they sprint to the cone, perform 5 Burpees, then race back to the start finish line. American Hammers for the PAX.

Tug-O-War: Round Robin style tug-o-war. Every nano region squared off.

Back to the Flag – YHC took us out / handed out crowd pleasers in the form of Pixy Sticks and Hugs Fruit Barrels.

Announcements: Of the many, these are what I can remember. HDHH next Wed. at Palani Drive. Breaking Bread needs volunteers. Please do this if you haven’t. It’s an awesome experience. You’ll get more out of it than they will. Ask if you don’t know what it is. Lab Rat’s M is in Phase II of her brilliant effort to prepare young adults with special needs for jobs. They are raising money for RAISE. See Lab Rat for details. Shakedown is shaving his head in June, I believe. See prior BBs or him for details. It’s for charity, not just some random Shakedown thing.

Moleskin: WOW!!! What a morning. 58 guys, that’s awesome! As I was making my way to DP to set up, Kubota texted me to say that he just saw Swirly. Not possible. Swirly was in beautiful Blue Field, VA. He would have told me if he was back in town early. I wasn’t falling for that, especially after BT texted me yesterday to tell me he was out. Fool me once.

05:45 Breakfast Club rolls in, and sure enough there’s Swirly. Sleep deprived and fired up baby! My man drove 5+ hours late night to post. Love it!

05:50, Mr. Holland rolls in with a box of ox blood bow ties and cummerbunds for Team RCP (winner’s of the best dressed, going away).

06:00 and grumblings from TYA, hey Swirly, what’s your watch say?

06:01, teams finalized and off we went to meet head referee Bleeder, red and yellow cards in hand just in case. He was supported by Cliffhanger and Red Bird.

The events went off as good as could have been expected. Tons of all out competition, and good fun. No serious injuries – Wedding Singer, get better brother.

Special shoutouts to the Team Captains – Gumbo, Kubota and Spit. Great job recruiting and getting your teams fired up. As Handshake said at ETs, y’all were perfect class moms. T-claps to Bleeder, Kubota, Cliffhanger, Red Bird and, Shakedown for all of their help today. I was really hoping Bleeder got to use a red card, but all-in-all, we behaved ourselves.

Congratulations to SOJ for capturing the Ghost Flag today in dominant fashion. Here are the official standings:

SOJ: 14

Tuckahoe: 10

RCP: 9

DaVille: 4

I invite you all to add your anecdotes from today. Possibly my personal favorite was TYA in his classy F3 tux. That, and the awesome showing of brotherhood. Oh, and the team uniforms. They were fantastic!

See y’all May 16th 2020.


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  1. Guys, I can’t thank y’all enough for showing out the way you did today. Truly awesome. I had an absolute blast. Already looking forward to, and training for next year.

  2. Sounds like a great time. Sorry I missed it! I’ll be prepping for next year!

  3. Vinny another great field day in the books! Thanks great showing from all nano regionals but I’m proud of my fellow brothers from DaVille! There were some questionable calls which could have pulled us out of the cellar but thanks guys for showing. Last year we only had 5 of us. This year 12!!

    Highlight of the day was during the Fifty Yard Burpee Dash. As you guys know already we can’t count in the veil and we showed it here sending out one extra guy.

    Have a great weekend fellas!

  4. Well executed Vinny. Congrats SOJ. Looking at the score sheet Tuckahoe lost it in the Egg Toss. Expect some rounds of egg toss practice at Hoedown over the next year.

  5. Well done, Vinny! This is definitely a must do annual event. Congrats to SOJ. Tuckahoe will be ready next year to de-throne you. Great DaVille turnout and yes, Richmond Proper, you were dressed for 3rd place success. Flipper was best dressed in the individual category. Enjoyed it!

  6. BooYAH! Well done guys. With SOJ in my heart and RCP on my chest I was very proud of the awesome effort put out there today. There honestly can’t be a better PAX in all of F3!

  7. What an incredibly fun workout! Thanks to all the captains, judges, organizers and of course the competitors. SOJ PAX should be proud! The other regions were tough competition (kinda- JK)! Have to say the Jorts brought some kind of youthful feelings. Be ready for next year. SOJ is already planning and will not lose the title or ghost flag. In all seriousness, thanks to everyone. It’s great to hear how F3 has affected everyone and I cannot express how much it has meant to me. See you all in the gloom soon.

  8. Just remember that you go to church in Tuckahoe?! Thanks for escorting us during Breakfast Club!

  9. @Vinny: Perfectly executed event. Weil done my friend….
    @Tuckahoe Proper: Great threads, great company, great execution fellas…Our illustrious leader Kubota was in full form today…
    @Carillon Field: Still scrubbing the clay from my Yahd-Khackis….
    @Shakedown: Thanks for the score dude….my (knee) joints are flying-high
    @ETs: What Saab needed. Thanks to all for the great company….particularly TYA and the nice lady behind the THC counter…

    Saab abides

  10. An Instant Classic. 30 for 30 will be out next year for sure. Tclaps to Vinny for planning and execution. Well done sir. This is a must attend annual tradition for sure.

    Shout out to my SOJ brothers who answered the call, raised the way-back closet for some jorts (or as Flatline calls it, the Any Given Saturday Closet) and bringing the strength today. Well done men.

    Loved sharing this with Redbird. He had a blast. Thanks.

    Take extra care of your Ms and Mothers tomorrow!

  11. Big Tennessee on

    Awesome event. Well done, Vinny et al. Lots of beef in SOJ, and with Single Piston aka Gumbo at the helm getting the sack race started we all knew they came to play. Take care of the back, Singer. Swirly Ball and Field Day in one week is hard to beat! Gotta go work on cleaning the clay out of my uni for Mothers Day brunch. #RCPforlife

  12. Orange Crush on

    Vinny – Saturday was awesome. Can’t thank you and your support staff enough. Man…did I have fun. Thank you!