Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Roll Your Own LJ


Eighteen intrepid runners and peddlers descended upon Mary to traverse the inner and outer reaches of downtown RVA.

As an ode to Lockjaw, YHC asked each group of runners (4, 5, 6’s) to choose their preferred LJ route. After some very brief deliberation among the groups, runners were off.

Choices of Reverse-Carillon and Monument Avenue to Stuart Circle seemed to be the predominant choice. In a slight breach of protocol, some chose to go old school and traverse Grove Avenue…in the interest of better scenery.


  • Lab Rat is raising funds this month for his non-profit to support special needs kids. They have a trailer (coffee cart) and are also receptive to advertising. Please donate.
  • Shakedown will be shaving his head again (Dr Phil style maybe) and is accepting donations for another good cause. (YHC doesn’t view this as much of a sacrifice if it grows back 🙂
  • I think there is a special workout going on tomorrow morning at 6:00am…see Vinny for details.

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  1. Also, we have an empty trailer that needs coffee supplies for http://www.raisewithus.org (my wife’s labor of love). We are doing a fund drive to get these items, putting all donor names on the side of the trailer as a “wall of thanks”. F3’s name will be on there and I will be collecting individual donations for a few weeks in F3RVA’s name.

    If your place of business would also like to be involved, please let me know and I will get you in touch with my much more charismatic M for the details. We are 501 c 3, so donations are tax deductible.

  2. The good cause is children’s cancer research and I like my hair so shaving it off feels like a small sacrifice (even if to TYA’s chagrin it grows back to its current glory). Tomorrow is last haircut before the shave so it might get a little groovier before it goes. Mostly I’m doing it to lead by example and to get the boys in the Troop to sign up too.


    I appreciate y’all putting up with my begging. Give to the cause if you can. Give to Raise coffee too.