Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Put in some work


13 veterans and 1 FNG arose in the gloom to meet the challenge of The Forge today. This is what went down, more or less.

Long Mosey to the cul-de-sac behind the football field for COP, all IC: SSH x 25, DQ x 10, helicopters x 10, LBC x 25, HRM x 15

Working our way back up, stop along the way to the bottom of the hill for curb crawls to 5, repeato at 5 and back down. 1 Derkin, bear crawl, 2 incline merkins, crawl bear, 3 derkins … up to 5, repeato and back down. Some finished on one side of the road, some on the other; all began to sweat, and most stopped talking.

Continue working back towards bottom of hill, stop and partner up for 25 PLT x 4, each man. Then plank on the steep embankment facing up hill (12 o’clock) for clockwork merkins OYO: 10 at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Some repeated at 12. Nothing wrong with extra credit.

At the bottom of the hill, switch partners. One man runs up to flag and back, while other switches between lunges and bear crawl as needed, change positions at meet. Continue until the team has lunge/bearcrawled the hill.

Alphabets – for the six and for a minute or so after.

Mosey to the front of the school and switch partners again. Proper Dora is called, to 100 or time. 1 man runs the bus loop while the other performs 1 merkin, 2 WW2, 3 squats = 1 rep. With only 15 minutes remaining, some teams got to 50, other in the 30s or 40s when time was called. Way to push to the end.


Field day this Saturday at Dogpile, see the preblast and your nano region captains for costume requirements.

Orange Crush VQ at Twin Team tomorrow.

Scrum VQ at the Forge in two weeks.

Flange took us out.


Always a pleasure to lead such a fine group. You gentleman always bring an outstanding effort that makes it easy.

Welcome to Flush, who joins us from Crossfit, and crushed the workout. YHC takes it under advisement that Flush is not to be played in Poker.

The mumblechatter started strong, but died quickly in the curb crawl. The Q generally takes that as a sign that something was working correctly.


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  1. Well done Sugar Sock, I like the use of the hill and bus loop. Lots of things to explore here. A Proper Dora is still terrible but can eat up some time and energy. Welcome Flush.

  2. Great Q, Sugar! The sweat was rolling this morning! Perfect mix of exercises and cardio…the mumblechatter did subside pretty quick.

    Welcome to Flush. Have a great day, men!

  3. Nice work Sugar. I need to get back to the Forge and enjoy that hill soon.

    Welcome Flush!

  4. Excellent Q brother – was pretty awesome to have a bunch of my poker night guys out there this AM (Draper, Roger Roger, Lumbergh, SeaDoo, Scrum, and now FLUSH!) Keep Bernanke in prayer for a stress fracture in his foot which is keeping him from posting.