Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Near Derailment


On a beautiful Monday morning, 12 mighty warriors met up for a beatdown and i believed they received it.

Warm ups:

10 Don Quixotes, 20 Side straddle hops, 10 forward and backwards Arm circles and 10 Merkins

First Exercise:

Doras with 100 Gaga jumps (jumps over the Gaga Ball pit boundaries), 200 Carolina Dry Docks and 300 2 count flutter kicks, Other partner is running to the other side of the black top and back.

Mosey to Hillsdale road

Second exercise:

Fireman Carry up the hill around the cul-de-sac back down the hill

This is where Roger Roger carrying Bodos nearly toppled. I credit Roger Roger with a good save but it was close.

Bear crawl up the hill ~1/8 mile jog down the hill and plank

Mosey to the field behind TES

Third Exercise:

Triple check with Donkey kicks, Tricep dips and run to the chin up bar and do 5 Burp ups (burpies to a chin up).

Last exercise:

Run to the horsehoe and share in 65 PLTs. 65 to 1 were the odds of Country House winning (or winning by default) the Kentucky Derby. Was that a foul or not? I have no idea. Finish with 15 merkins.

Announcements: Bodos first Q is this Wednesday at Dog Pile.

We have Field Day this Saturday. For those at Tuckahoe Nano Region, represent with the collared shirt and old khaki shorts, I’d say even a visor.

I had fun Q’ing again although I was unable to complete the triple check due to being slightly out of shape. I also had a few comments on my sleeveless shirt. I think my look resembled the latest photo of Christian McCaffrey (look up Christian McCaffrey jacked). Have a productive week and god bless!


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  1. Fireman Ed on

    By the way, good to see Fudd make an appearance all the way from Denver.

  2. Solid Q, full body beatdown. Glad to partner with Splinter on the Buddy Carry. Our form was strong. Where was Kubota this morning?

  3. Good question ?
    He was dreaming about winning Field Day. No excuses. He needs to be a better Tuckahoe Gield day captain and attend Tuckahoe AO’d more often.