Saturday, December 3
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ball on a Chain…


9 men rolled in to BWES to start their work-week with some RiverRun miles. YHC grabbed the Q late last night and had a little something different planned today…a little ball on a chain.

The “Chain” for today was the nearly 1-mile trek from BWES up Twin Team Hill (pause for groans…) and into Powderham.

The “Ball” was a 1-mile loop around Drakewood, Glendower, Ellesmere, Drakewood.

The challenge – complete the “Ball” as many times as you can and then return to the flag down the “Chain”.

Rosie and Tobit completed 4 loops for 6+ miles. Well done men.

Doozy, OC and YHC completed 3 loops.

Bullseye, DK, Slumlord and LugNut apparently like bigger balls and completed the full 1.5-mile Glendower, Bosham, Drakewood loop the first go-round and then added a second smaller loop. Way to push it fellas…even if inadvertently.

The flat loop gave the opportunity to push the pace a bit today – after catching your breath from climbing Twin Team of course. Thanks to OC for helping me push the pace for 8-minute miles around the loop.

I was smoked! Great work all.

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Great run and great company. Good job fellas. Welcome back Slumlord.

    Oh yeah, Announcements — F3RVA Field Day this Saturday. SOJ – white Ts with cutoff sleeves and jorts!

  2. Thanks for taking the lead Gumbo. …It was great to get out on a Monday morning for a run…might have to make it a habit.

    And thanks again Rosie for guiding me on the loops…every house and turn looked exactly the same.

  3. The chain was much easier on the way back. Thanks for the push Tobit, my legs and mind would not have had it to get loop 4 at that pace without having you effortlessly gliding beside me. Glad to see Slumlord make it back out, nice to know my presence at youth soccer games was enough to guilt him back into the gloom.

  4. Döner Kebab on

    Twin Team is brutal. Great to be back out, though. I’m leading next week.