Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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DATE: 5/4/2019

AO: F3 StinkHill (Hampton Roads)

QIC: Grunge (F3 Churham)

PAX: FreeFall, Scully (Respect!), McGruff, Funny Car (Respect!), Cowboy, Grunge

CONDITIONS: 73 Degrees. Overcast, warm and humid.


5 #HIM met YHC at the AO lot this am. VA Beach coming strong with heroes and humidity.


One Minute Warning

Opening Prayer

Pledge of Allegience

Circle Up

  • Good Mornings, x10 IC
  • Forward Lunge with Twist, x10 IC
  • Reverse Lunge with Knee Up, x10 IC
  • LBAC, F/R, x10 IC
  • Dive Bombs, x10 SC
  • SSH, x10 IC


Fellowship Run to the bottom of the Trashmore Incline steps. Circle up. Announced to the PAX our workout of the morning. We will be doing a Slaughter Rampage series.

Dash up the hill. Circle up @ the Top.

  • Slaughter Set One: Burpees & BW Squats (10 Burpees, OYO + 9 BW Squats, SC + 8 Burpees, OYO + 7 BW Squats, SC, etc…down to 1 BW Squat, SC. Finish with 10 Burpees, OYO. Recover.

Dash down the hill. Circle up @ the Bottom

  • Slaughter Set Two: 8 Count Body Builders & Monkey Humpers (10 8 Count BB, OMC + 9 Monkey Humpers, SC, etc…down to 1 Monkey Humper, SC. Finish with 10 8 Count BB, OMC. Recover.

Dash up the hill. Circle up @ the Top

  • Slaughter Set Three: Merkins & Mountain Climbers (10 Merkins, SC + 9 Mountain Climbers, IC, etc…down to 1 Mountain Climber, IC. Finish with 10 Merkins, SC. Recover.

Dash down the hill. Circle up @ the Bottom

  • Slaughter Set Four: WWIIs & LBCs (10 WWIIs, SC + 9 LBCs, IC, etc…down to 1 LBC, IC. Finish with 10 WWIIs, SC. Recover.

Line up at the bottom of the hill.

  • Slaughter Set Five: Crawl Bear & Bear Crawl (10 Cadence Count Crawl Bear paces up the hill + 9 Cadence Count Bear Crawl paces up the hill, etc. We reached the top after 6 Cadence Count Crawl Bear paces, thus we reversed direction down the hill beginning with 5 Cadence Count Bear Crawl paces, etc…down to a single Bear Crawl Cadence Count pace. There is no way we were going to finish on a downhill Crawl Bear, so we reversed direction and finished strong with 10 Cadence Count Crawl Bear paces back up the hill. Sprint the final bit to the top. Recover.

Slaughters SLAUGHTERED. Awesome job, brothers.

Circle up @ the Top. Informed the PAX that we will now move on to Thang Two, which is the Mary, Quite Contrary (aka Beast BLIMPS).

BLIMPS involves six exercises: Burpees, LBCs, Iron Mikes (Prisoner Jump Lunges), Merkins, Plank Jacks, and SSH. Burpees, LBCs, Merkins are SC. IMs are on the 1-2 and PJ and SSHs were IC.

We performed 6 reps of each of the 6 exercises listed above for a total 6 rounds (6x6x6, thus the beast). There was a brief 30 second rest between rounds.

Beast BESTED. Strong work, men.

Fellowship Run back to our AO StartEX. Circled up @ the Flags. A bit of time for some Mary.


  • Absolution (Plank → Groiner → Merkin → Chilcut → Plank), x10 OMC
  • Reverse Plank, Ring of Fire. Went around with each PAX calling a 10 count.
  • PAX insisted on an encore, thus we finished strong with a series of Protractors (High Plank, Chilcut, High Plank, Low Plank, High Plank. Each x5, on the 1-2).

Time called. 0800. Fine work, gents.





  • Colonial Relay 200 Miler (Start in Charlottesville, End in Williamsburg), Sept 13-14. Cowboy looking to fill a 12 man roster. Need drivers also!
  • 2ndF opportunity, this Wed, @ Hank’s Filling Station, 1730.

Cowboy took us out in prayer

Thank you all for the awesome and warm welcome! It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know you all a bit better. Great PAX, great region. You are welcome down in Chapel Hill/Durham anytime. Please reach out and let me know if you are in town and I will make it a point to meet you for a workout and treat you to a coffee afterwards. Hope to make it back here soon. Until next time, aye!  


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