Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Garden Tour


20 seasoned running vets and Gearheads showed up to support BT’s RAMM VQ with a new route. Here’s how it went:


West on Grove to Tuckahoe, over Cary and down Paxton. Loop back up Ampthill over Cary and down Roslyn. Continue over Grove to Patterson and hang a right. 4’s take Woodlawn to Grove and back to home base. 5’s take Hamilton to Grove and back, and 6’s detour through Stonewall Ct on the way to Lafayette, then right on Grove back home.


YHC was happy to find a route we hadn’t done yet and felt like we needed a little hill work. Also, it gave us a chance to run through the heart of the annual city Garden Tour. Thankfully, Ampthill was early in the run because it’s a doozy. Mileage was almost spot on, but the 5’s needed a another tenth to reach the mark. All in all YHC thinks it was a success and hopes it makes the rotation. Lug and Swirly headed out early and got an extra 3 miles; nice work boys. Great to see J’ville back after his 50k and drag Picabo away from the grips of competitive tennis. Hitchhiker left it all on the field; way to push my man! YHC tried to talk a little baseball with Marv and Sippy early on, but couldn’t keep up so enjoyed some hardball banter with Flatty on the tail end.


Field day next week, get your unis buttoned up and make sure you get Mother’s Day squared away. Positive vibes to the AT crew who are crushing over 100 miles this weekend (TYA, Circle K, Ollivander, The Whittler, someone else?). There was some other stuff but really can’t remember.

Be awesome and have a great weekend!


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