Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Well at least he didn’t sleep in…he got Red Barchetta’d instead


10 SOJ all-stars posted to Timberwolf all looking to impress the Field Day captain with their efforts and secure their spot on the tug-o-war line. One even middle-fingered our fine brothers from across the river and left them Q-less (and possibly clueless) for the gloom. He regretted that for many reasons. If only he did it intentionally! Regardless, here is what Timberwolf had in store this morning…

Mosey down to the field for part two of Gumbo’s SOJ field comparison tour…better than SOT but Timberwolf still doesn’t hold a candle to NoToll…nonetheless, COP must go on. It included:

  • SSHs
  • DQs
  • Helicopters
  • Hillbillies
  • HRMs
  • LBCs
  • Flutter Kicks


Red Barchetta

Line up on the end line for the following:

  • Run 100 yards, do 100 SSHs, run back to the end line and plank for the six.
  • Run 75 yards, do 75 single-count mountain climbers, run back, plank.
  • Run 50 yards (or half-way as Lug pointed out), do 50 LBCs, run back, plank.
  • Run 25 yards, do 25 GOOD merkins, run back, plank.
  • Run 10 yards AYG (15 for YHC, its hard to stop once I get up to top speed), 10 burpees, run back, plank

Palate Cleanser — Partner up for 25 PLTs x 3.


Partner 1 makes his way around the concrete square behind the endzone as follows – bearcrawl side 1, run side 2, bearcrawl side 3, run side 4. Partner 2 begins exercises. Switch and repeat until you complete as a team 100 squats, 200 single-count Freddie Mercuries and 300 (audibled to 200) single-count lunges.

Palate Cleanser #2 – 25 APDs IC

Burpee Battalion Run

Akin to a Native American Run around the track. Keeping a slow pace, last man drops to do 3 burpees then runs to the front of the line. As he passes the last man in line that man drops to start his burpees. 1 lap around everyone got their turn at some burpees. Look out for Nancy Lopez on your left!

Continue the mosey back up to the parking lot

ROF x2

  • Round 1 – plank position – 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps when it is your turn.
  • Round 2 – still in plank – 10 plank jacks when it is your turn.

3 MOM –

  • Hello Dollies x20 IC
  • Rosalitas x20 IC
  • American Hammers x20 IC – bell has rung!

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-Rama and Bullseye took us out!


  • Field Day at Dogpile next weekend, May 11 – align with your nano region and get ready to battle.
  • Shakedown is shaving his head again for charity (St. Baldrics). Let’s support our brother for a great cause!
  • Apparently there is a Masters Class and a Remedial Class this Saturday at Dogpile. Rosie will be ramping up the pace in the Masters Division while Marmaduke will take his lumps and dish out some pain in the Remedial Division. No doubt both will bring the pain.


YHC rolled in to Timberwolf right behind Nancy Lopez’s clown car at 0520 and we found LugNut’s ride empty. Way to get in some extra credit Lug – you’re looking strong brother! The rest of PAX was not far behind with Recall rolling in with the van — that thing could make one hell of a clown car. Just sayin! It was great to see Aisle 5 and Cerano this morning.

Gumbo’s 2-day field comparison turn out as expected. NoToll fields are supreme. But, Timberwolf’s fields held strong today.

Some good running and my abs are feeling it too. Great work this morning men. Way to push hard for 45 minutes.

Fast forward to 0753 when YHC gets a text from Marmaduke who had received several texts confirming that he is still alive because as it turns out, he had the Q at 45MOM this morning…BRAIN FART! I see from BB that our brothers to the NORTH, you know on the other side of the RIVAH, put out a search party but when the big dog didn’t come running, they when to plan bit and passed a potato around a bit. Well done boys! Marmaduke – at least its one step above Wilson’s sleeping in and leaving me solo at OLD DARK SOT that one time….#nevergonnaletthatgo!

Great fun men and great work!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Awesome beatdown Gumbo! The Dora bear crawl is no joke!! Strong work Gents!!

    And yes the brain fart was all too real when the text messages started flowing in this morning. Ribbing will ensue and I can do nothing but take it, this dog admits his faults. SYITG boys…if I can remember which AO to go to!!!

  2. There’s a special outfit waiting for Marmaduke at Field Day, assuming he makes the team…

  3. Yup! I did that to you Gumbo! But go easy on Duke. At least he got in a beating! I might even put on a sleeveless shirt for field day. Missed y’all today.

  4. Wilson’s bringing out the gun show, the other nano-regions don’t stand a chance. Let’s hope it doesn’t drop below 60 degrees, otherwise he’ll need to get the hoodie back out.