Tuesday, November 29
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just Another Day


5 strong roll out for another fantastic sunny and 70 day

Up the roller coaster in 23 minutes back in 22. As simple as that!


Bullseye was on fire today, disappeared out of sight on the way up the hill and caught YHC with a mile to go on the way back. Gumbo did as Gumbo does and powered through, Rosie effortlessly jogs by with easy chatter at the end of 5.19 and Doozy brought up the 6 with the support of Bullseye. Did I mention he was on fire! Strong running today men, YHC was out of gas but you guys are Rockstars!



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  1. Happy Birthday Lug Nut, I always enjoy the Roller Coaster but the hills where alive and killin me today.

  2. Happy Birthday Lugnut. Respect! And respect for showing up after racing all weekend.

  3. Strong call on the route Lug, especially after a bruising weekend. Cruising into RESPECT. Well done fellas.