Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cordless Weedeating


A PAX of four assembled for the most recent Punisher. After brief salutations in the Holton parking lot, we slid into the grass for the starting COP which included SSHs, IWs, DQs, Cherry Pickers, Russian Soldiers, and single-arm Arm Circles.

Shift back to the parking lot for exercises using the parking spaces in the outer arc of the school lot. Heading southeast to northwest, complete 5 merkins in the first parking space, 5 half Carolina Dry Docks (lower tailbone position and focus on upper chest) in the second space, and 5 full Carolina Dry Docks (higher tailbone and touch the top of your head) in a third space. Hold, keeping the guys together. Repeat until exercises completed in all spaces along that column (27 spaces total).

Again using the parking column, complete 5 Squats in the first space, 5 single-count Side Lunges in the second, and 5 single-count Back Lunges in the third space, working back to the southeast through the column. One last time using the column, all completed 10 two-count Flutter Kicks in the first space, 10 two-count Freddie Mercuries in the second, and 10 Rosalitas in the third space, working back northwest. UpChuck departs for family obligation.

Mosey around the school for a couple of Triple Check variations involving the three of us remaining – People’s Chair, Plank, and short Backpedal and return, then Balls to the Wall, something else, and jog out to the totem and back. Finish with 11s including Merkins and Box Cutters. Return to the parking area for the COT.

Thank you to the good citizen who arrived at the school shortly after the workout started to eat weeds in the central planted area with a cordless appliance. We worked around her parked car during our conveyor sequence. She made sure to eliminate emerging grass, particularly the grass near UpChuck’s Bavarian SUV. Nice work that was.


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  1. My car has mentioned, albeit in German, it’s appreciation for the weed whacking. Thorough, if nothing else.

    Also, thank you for the tattoo removal session on the blacktop. If I ever get a tramp stamp, i now know how to have it ground off.