Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

More North Bank Trail, Now Open


With apologies to Grantland Rice and Thanos…Outlined against a sunny and 70, blue April sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore their names are Death, Destruction, Pestilence, and Famine. But those are aliases. Their real names are: Lola, Offshore, UpChuck, and E.F. Hutton (and Sally). They formed the crest of the North Bank cyclone before which another Sunday Funday came together… the sportswriters of the former New York Herald Tribune filed the following story:

Route today was across the bridge, Buttermilk, skip the lariot, two leaps across Reedy Creek, and we crossed at the T. Pottersfield Bridge while performing a Port-a-Sally. Continued on Tredegar St., right on Brown’s Island Way (think really steep hill), left on 2nd St., down the ramp to the North Bank Trail, and, by way of the newly opened section, back to the VSF.

The newly opened section cuts a bit off the length, so today’s 6.55 miles were shorter, albeit hillier, than the prior route.

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, EF Hutton took us out.


Dinner for this month’s Breaking Bread is all-but-green-beans completed and waiting for the 5:00 arrival time

Anyone looking for pain, blisters, and beer on Friday should contact TYA. Consider sticking around for Saturday’s repeat. Then, consider doing so again for Sunday, and at the end you too can say you have done 105 miles on the AT over 3 days.


Exceptional morning for a run…good chatter along the way. Way to go, fellas.


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