Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breaking Spiral Ham and Green Beans


Two intrepid volunteers peeled, sliced, cooked, and cleaned their way through a sunny and 70 evening of Breaking Bread, NBA playoffs, and good fellowship at the Medical Respite on Belt Blvd. The drive-thru operator at the Wendy’s next door tells the tale as follows:

5:00 Set-up. Q has botched it already as he has forgotten the drinks. Water, water everywhere for everyone.

5:05 Oven heating mashed potatoes and spiral ham.

5:10 Shallots, oil, green beans, and lemon seasoning wafting throughout the building.

5:20 Plates and silverware ready to go, Kings Hawaaian rolls warmed, green beans simmering, ham sliced…let’s do this.

5:30 Residents stroll through, Round 1

5:40 Residents stroll through, Round 2

5:44:50 One Resident strolls through for Round 3

5:45 Cookies out. Mmmmm.

5:45:05 to 6:10 YHC and Vers (FNG) watch Warriors / Rockets with the residents

6:10 to 6:30 Clean up

Home by 7:00. Easy peasy.


Welcome FNG Vers, aka Annabelle Nee, YHC’s oldest. YHC is declaring that volunteering for three Breaking Breads is worth at least one workout for a non-athletically inclined kid, thus the nickname has been bestowed. Plus, YHC came up with a good nickname, Vers, as in Carol Danvers. If you don’t know, look it up. Female super awesome heros rock.

Breaking Bread is awesome. This is dinner for 10-15 homeless people recovering from injuries. YOU – yes, you, the PAX member reading this – should sign up to Q a Breaking Bread. Many of us have our 3rd F efforts, but THIS 3rd F is unique – it is the only 3rd F that is uniquely F3. While not an official event, only the men of F3 are going to do this. You are the cavalry to these homeless people. Take every reason you are thinking of to avoid this and throw each excuse individually out the window…give yourself one reason to step up and take this on…YHC will give you two reasons…your M and your kids will likely never care if you attend a workout (be honest with yourself – they barely tolerate your stories), but they will love you for helping your fellow humans.

Once a month, F3 needs men to sign up to Q this. For example, May 26 is open. There is a Convergence the next morning…grab your best F3 pal, your kids, your spouse, or your neighbor and pull together a simple meal. Tacos, spaghetti, pizza (yes, you can just buy a lot of pizza), filet mignon, beef bourguignon, sushi, kimchi, welsh rarebit…you name it and you make it.

For the rest of the summer, we need men to step up and bring dinner for the following Sundays at 5…if you need any advice, ask Lab Rat, Hardywood, HoneyDo, Slurpee, or the many others have all done this successfully.
May 26
June 23
July 28
August 25

All the attendance points and all the mercans in the world can’t provide the same sense of purpose. Plus, as YHC said, chicks dig a man who help those less fortunate.


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  1. You not only put in a 100% at Breaking Bread, you put in 100% in writing a great backblast! Well done, Upchuck!