Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Show up early and you get rained on


5 PAX, 3 regulars and two out of town guests, gathered right after the freak rainstorm for a little Hot Potato Q.

Swirly led first and took us through the COP. 10x Helicopters, 10x DQ, 20x LBCs, 10x Flutter kicks, 10x Merkins, 20x SSH.

Then he took us down to the bowl for 3 rounds of: 20 dips, 10 Derkins and running up the hil and back.

He then took us to the tennis court baseline: Lunge across, 10x donkey kicks on the fence Lunge back. Repeat with Russian Soliders, and Bear Crawls.

Finally we headed to picnic tables for 3x: 15x incline merkins and 10x WWIIs with feet on picnic bench.

Sippy then led a new leg burning exercise, the Slinky. Step up onto picnic bench, step down, then reverse lunge with same leg, then one ball dipper (to switch placement of legs). Repeat with opposite leg. 3 x 60 seconds with a mosey around the stone house to rest after each set.

Then some kickboxing. 20 sec x 2 of jab-jab-cross followed by
20 sec x 2 of jab-uppercut-uppercut. Mosey around the stone house followed by 1 minute elbow plank.

Posh led us then to the stone steps for 3 rounds of 10x burpees on the top and 20 dips at the bottom. Mosey back to the flag for a ring of fire dealers choice for Merkins.

Moleskin. Some of the PAX were surprised by a freak rainstorm that hit on the jog over, but the actual workout turned out to be a beautiful spring morning. It’s really nice to be in the light for the last 1/2 of the workout. We enjoyed having Manwich and Kapow join us today. Manwich drives over an hour each way to get to an F3 workout and hopes to start a new location in his hometown of Holden Beach very soon. It struck me how fortunate we are to be able to jog or drive only short distances to many of the AOs in F3 Richmond.


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  1. Sippy, did you tell Manwich you put a reflector vest around your car and run to AOs? Yes, we are very fortunate. What a great AO for out of towners.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great to have visitors Manwhich anf Kapow – come back and see us and start that AO in Holden Beach !
    Thanks for writing it up Sippy ! I like the name for those terrible step up reverse lunge things you had us doing – The Slinky = perfect.
    Good works guys!
    See y’all in the gloom..