Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Brah yah gonna crush it


10 Hardened Warriors met in the gloom for bikini season prep on arms and abs. Brah yah gonna crush it.

Here is how it went down.

Mosey to COP all IC: 22 SSH; 10 Abe Vigoda; 22 Grass Angels; (LR mumble chatter stops); 22 Australian Grass Angels; 22 4 count HRM; 22 slow Frederick Mercury; Arm Circles

Mosey to She Shed. Triple Check. Iron Chair with Overhead Claps + Plank Jack (O.P.P. yah you know me) + run to light

short Mosey to Derkin bars. Buddy up. 10+10+10 one leg Derkin.

Mosey to Pole Smoker at trees – 10 heels to heaven, modified to 5. Pax flutter kick or Freddie Mercury while waiting

Bottom Feeder – 5 x spider merk (8 points) followed by 5x Curb Crawl (Bear Crawl, incline merk, Crawl Bear, decline merk)

YHC took us out.

NMS – Day 3. Learning from yesterday, YHC arrived early enough to recon the route: DaVille is big, bigger than Heartbreak with lots to do and with as much running as you like. Red Pill decisions on Tuesday morning are tough for YHC going forward. The COP and OPP finished faster than planned – thanks to LR for on the run suggestions.


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  1. Nice work Gents! Thanks for letting me lead.

    Tclaps for Spike for killing the 10k.
    * When I saw him post race Sat, I was so cloudy I forgot to ask his time…. dude – nice run!

    Great to see Hustler out.

    next up W Dog!

    Gitty up!

  2. I’m disappointed we didnt get to the volleyball courts. Other than that, a bruiser of a workout.

    Good job to Spit on the 10k, even without the double dip.

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