Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Rain Will Be Light


8 swamp rats shucked off the dry, warm Fartsack in favor of an a full-on deluge. So much for Weather.com. We’ll call it sunny and 70 above the cloud line. Weather.com sent YHC an alert at 5:09 that a shower would start at 5:21. The rain would be light (or, because it’s 2019, lite). Here’s how the worms crawling on the asphalt tell the story:

5:25 emerge from cars


5:28 Three Early Risers emerge from The Gloom.

5:29 TYA appeared. Then, he left to run elsewhere.

5:30 Let’s mosey. Flag left warm and dry in the car.

5:31 Rain

5:32 Rain

5:33 Rain

5:34 Rain, growing to a downpour.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Cary to Robinson to Lakeview to Trafford to Park to Dogpile. The PAX alternated running, fording, swimming, and dog paddling along the route.

Some of the Early Risers ignored the Q, turned right early and appeared later. YHC presumes they pulled a Rosie Ruiz (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosie_Ruiz).

Reverso, sort of, on the return. Dogpile to Park to Sheppard to Cary to Thomson. 8 PAX out, 5 PAX back.


Good run, fellas. YHC tips his hat to Swirly, Handshake, Rosie and Hutton on the return run today…fastest return run YHC has been a part of yet. Way to push.


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  1. Thanks UpChunk, just when I thought there were no more ways to create new aliases for me you managed to make two in one backblast alone. That makes 4 new ones since last weekend.